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School of Science 2015-2016

The Everton Under-21s Big Season Preview

David Unsworth will once again take charge of the development squad for 2015/16, as our Everton Under-21s reporter Tom Woods previews the new season.

RBM Writer Predictions

The writing team at RBM makes their annual predictions for the upcoming season

School of Science: Squad Weaknesses

The season is almost upon us. Everton have barely even touched the transfer window and we look at the effect that could have on the team.

School of Science: Striker

Everton's forward line remains worryingly dependent on Romelu Lukaku

School of Science: Defensive Midfield

Defensive Midfield is an area that Everton has a plethora of talented options. Unfortunately, there has been quite a bit of injuries that have hindered optimum selection.

School of Science: Attacking Midfield

With the 2015/16 season upon us, we take an in-depth look into Everton's attacking midfield options.

Everton Season Preview: Right Midfield

We take a look at the Toffees' options on the right wing ahead of the new campaign...

Everton season preview: left midfield

We take a look at the Toffees' options on the left wing ahead of the new campaign...

School of Science: Right Back

With the Toffees still thin at wing, much of Everton's width must once again come from its full-backs. Can Seamus Coleman continue to provide it down the right?

School of Science: Center Back

A season preview of the center back position

School of Science: Left Back

Taking a look at Everton's left back role ahead of the upcoming season.

School of Science: Goalkeepers

A season preview of the most important position for Everton, goalkeeper.