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Fantasy Football

Premier League Fantasy Football news and updates, with reports on the Royal Blue Mersey League as well.

Everton vs Chelsea: Predictions and Preview | Bouncing back from two tough results

Does Everton have the necessary resiliency to end the slide?

Everton vs Man Utd: Predictions and Preview | Toffees look to get back on track

Europe beckons for both of Sunday’s combatants

Everton at Arsenal: Predictions and Preview | European ambitions at stake for both sides

Can Everton’s good form continue away from Goodison Park?

Everton vs Crystal Palace: Predictions and Preview | A final set of predictions before the break

With confidence at unusually high levels

Everton at Watford: Predictions and Preview | You can never be too confident in Everton away...

The Toffees do get several players back from injury though.

Everton vs Newcastle: Predictions and Preview | Winnable match at home?

The Toffees do still have several injuries to overcome

Everton vs West Ham: Predictions and Preview | Improved away form?

Meet the new boss, same as your old boss

Everton vs Brighton: Predictions and Preview | An easy win at home?

The Toffees may just be facing the right opponent at the right time

Everton at Liverpool: Predictions and Preview | Can Everton break the Anfield hex?

And can Everton finally keep Origi from scoring?!

Everton’s Festive Fixture Period: Predictions and Preview | Matches against Burnley, Newcastle, and City

Carlo Ancelotti takes charge at the busiest time of the year

Everton vs Arsenal: Predictions and Preview | Confidence against out-of-form Gunners?

Wherein we are very aware that Arsenal’s form is very not good

Everton vs Leicester City: Predictions and Preview | Can the Toffees Top the Foxes This Time?

Cup optimism, or just another chance for heartbreak?

Everton at Manchester United: Predictions and Preview | Toffees’ Away Form Back in Focus

Miserable away form, meet post-Chelsea match good feelings

Everton vs Chelsea: Predictions and Preview | Optimism under Ferguson?

New manager, new hope?

Everton at Liverpool: Writer Prediction League | Doom and gloom for the Blues

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

Everton at Leicester City: Writer Prediction League

This is scary

Everton v. Norwich City: Writer Prediction League

Home match against the league cellar-dwellers producing the sort of picks you’d expect

Everton at Southampton: Writer Prediction League

Can the Toffees finally grab an away victory?

Everton at Brighton: Writer Prediction League | Optimism reigns among Blues

Or put another way — Everton’s improved form versus the thing it can’t ever quite seem to do

Everton v. West Ham United: Writer Prediction League

An Everton turnaround?

Everton at Burnley: Writer Prediction League | Anything could happen

Optimism? I hardly know him!

Everton vs Manchester City: Writer Prediction League

This might be bad

Everton vs Sheffield United: Writer Prediction League

Things will be better at home...right?

Everton at Bournemouth: Writer Prediction League

The Toffees return from the international break with a trip to the south coast

Everton vs Wolves: Writer Prediction League | Mixed expectations

So about our predictions from the Aston Villa match...

Everton at Aston Villa: Writer Prediction League

The Toffees have historically owned Villa, and the newly-promoted club has stumbled out of the gate

Everton vs Watford: Writer Prediction League

What’s the outlook for Silva and the gang against the manager’s old club?

Everton at Crystal Palace: Writer Prediction League

On the dawn of a new season, hope springs eternal

Everton 2019-20 Season Preview: Fantasy Players | Who to buy, avoid and keep an eye on

A look at which Toffees to buy, who to avoid, and who to keep an eye on in fantasy football this season

Everton 2018-19 Season Review: Grading Our Match Predictions

Digging into the good, the bad, and the "what the hell were we thinking?"

Everton at Tottenham: Writer Prediction League

One last chance to prove our intelligence

Everton vs Burnley: Writer Prediction League

The end is officially in sight