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Everton Loans-Moans

The rumble of discontent over Everton's loan players has been rising along with the Blue's league position. With Everloan now chasing a Champions League spot, certain sections of the mainstream press are taking their cue from some managers and are all-out attacking how smartly Roberto Martinez has used his loans.

Further response to Everton's critics

Martin Samuel was still wrong to pick on Everton, and here's why.

Roberto Martinez defends loan system

Boss says criticism of Everton's use of season-long loan is "ridiculous".

Loan critics prove Everton are on the up

Criticism of loan deals a sign we are a threat again.

Everton Could Be Hurt By Barcelona Ban

Everton might miss out on another season of Gerard Deulofeu because of Barcelona's transfer ban.

Barry's Everton Future

Should the club try to bring back the English midfielder after the season's end?