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Everton Features

Roberto Martinez's Tactics Explained

As any supporter of a Roberto Martinez side must know, Everton are tactically infuriating. They are flowing and deadly in the counterattack, often clever in buildup, yet prone to switching off and overcommitting men forward.

Everton can't afford another slip up at Villa.

For the second straight year, Everton heads to Villa Park coming off a dominant clean sheet win in the first matchup. On this trip, however, any points dropped would be inexcusable.

Aaron Lennon is back (again)

2016 has seen a resurgence of Aaron Lennon in the team, and he has rewarded Martinez with some impressive displays on both sides of the ball.

Form is improved, but time is running out

Anotehr frustrating afternoon leaves Everton adrift in mid-table despite improved performances

Everton still have a chance to make it interesting

Everton still aren't defensive stalwarts, but with three straightforward 3-0 victories and a generous schedule on the horizon, the next month could be fun.

Featured Fanshot

Humanity knows no colors, Liverpool or Everton

Here's a wonderfully heart-warming story of how a Liverpool fan helped a homeless Everton fan get his life back on track. So this is a picture of me (on the left) and Darren (a homeless guy from Liverpool). Every day on my way to work I see Darren. He says hello, we have a chat, and I go get him a cup of coffee. He's a massive Everton fan and I'm a massive Liverpool fan, but we always have good banter about the football. Darren used to have a job, and a girlfriend, but he lost all that after his girlfriend died and he went into depression. Now he lives on the streets in Liverpool. So I decided, that instead of spending money on stupid things at Christmas (like cards and expensive food) I'd use the money to get Darren and I tickets to an EVERTON match. When I told him he burst out crying and gave me the best hug ever. We had a great time at the match and he was so grateful (he even offered to buy the coffee this time). Anyway, the reason I'm posting this today is that Darren is no longer on the streets. He's got a council flat and is working part time. Last week he had me round for dinner. I'm so proud of him. I posted this story to show you that a little bit of kindness can go so far and help get someone on the right track again. I used to drink coffee with Darren on the streets, then I did it at Goodison Park, and now we drink it in his flat. Please like and share.

Time for Toffees to take a leap of faith

With a £200m takeover nearing completion fans are understandably wondering what the future holds.....

Featured Fanshot

"There are no half-ass Evertonians"

Great article in the LA Times highlighting Everton's growing support in the States and the great work of Everton USA.

Transition once again plays role versus City

After a first leg defined by teams taking their chances in transition, they did so again in the second leg. And for 60 minutes, Everton were on the front foot.

Martinez should be at risk as Everton regress

Everton are slipping to below Moyes levels--the next 4 months must see improvement if Martinez's job is to be justified

Everton Still Have A Chance At European Football

But just barely.

Breaking down all the "game management" talk

Complaining about a late leads and poor refereeing decision is really missing the point.

Will Besic's form lead to a firm place in XI?

After overcoming injuries of his own, Mo Besic has stepped into a CDM role and flourished over the past six weeks. But will he keep his spot in the XI when other Toffees regain fitness?

Should Baines replace Galloway when he returns?

The first choice full back should not replace the youngster when he returns from injury, and this is why.

Roberto Martinez is crucial to Barkley development

Neill Warnock's comments this week have shown why Roberto Martinez's way of managing Ross Barkley is key to his development.

What Does Everton Need?

What Does Everton Need? 1) On The Pitch - 2) In The Boardroom -

Steven Naismith’s comfort is Everton's gain

Scotland striker Steven Naismith is proving a hit with the Goodison faithful as a result of superb performances and an endearing personality.

A window of potential for Everton

The final two weeks of the transfer window is filled with potential for Everton

Stable summer hints at exciting season for Everton

A big arrival, key signings and no departures suggests improvement at Goodison Park.

Meet The New Boys: QPR

QPR doesn't necessarily look like a newly promoted side on paper, but will they be able to come together for Harry Redknapp?

Meet The New Boys: Leicester City

A Quick Look At The Champions of the Championship.

Meet The New Boys: Burnley

Will Sean Dyche's squad be able to avoid a second consecutive quick drop?

Was Lukaku Worth the Cost?

We examine the question of if Everton overpaid for Lukaku.

Could Injuries Hamper Champions League Chase

Injuries have piled up for Everton over the past week, could they affect the club's chances for Champions League football next season?

The Whitewashing of David Moyes

A look at how petty Everton fans are being about David Moyes and why it is time to move on.

ESPN Gets It Right With Hillsborough Documentary

We review ESPN's documentary on the Hillsborough disaster.

Can Baines Replicate Lahm's Success In Midfield?

Roberto Martinez recently claimed he could convert Everton's leftback Leighton Baines into a midfield general, much like Pep Guardiola did with Philipp Lahm. Royal Blue Mersey takes a deeper look.

Was Alan Myers Forced Out At Everton?

Alan Myers left Everton for Blackburn Rovers. Was he forced out or decide to move on?

Romelu Lukaku. Is he all that?

He wants Champions League football next season, but does he deserve it?

Rescheduling Everton's Match vs. Crystal Palace

When could Everton's match against Crystal Palace be rescheduled? We examine what days would benefit Everton the most.

Evertons Financials: What They Mean For The Future

Everton released their club financials last week, we explore what they mean for the club's future.

Everton Transfer Roundtable Pt.2

The second part of our transfer roundtable includes questions about Baines and Lukaku.