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Everton could play Hajduk Split in empty stadium

Not the Croatian club’s first problem with UEFA.

Everton FC v Hajduk Split - UEFA Europa League Qualifying Play-Offs Round: First Leg Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

To all the honorable Hajduk Split fans who endeavored to calm down your compatriots, and to the players who did the same: thank you for your decency and your civility. Thank you for your passion for your club and it is an honor to have met you and your club on the pitch.

To the mindless rabble that keeps causing all these problems, please stop torpedoing your own club. If you actually care at all about your team, grow up and behave yourself.

Reports of debris flying everywhere, both at other fans and players; leaving the away section to cause disturbances - these happened against Everton at Goodison yesterday, but are not new problems for Hajduk Split. These same actions along with racial behavior happened in their previous round tie against PFC Levski.

UEFA had already warned Hadjuk Split previously, and with their complete ignoring of that warning displayed yesterday, it’s very possible that UEFA could install a stadium ban for the next match, not allowing any fans to see the second leg in person.

As disappointing as that would be for the quality fans that we know the club has, it may be the wisest course of action until the hooligans that hang out around this club are finally done away with.

Children attend these games. There’s no place for this violent idiocy in our sport. Football should be a celebration of cultures coming together for a common enjoyment, not some bigotry laced mob full of people spoiling everyone else’s evening. Here’s hoping UEFA comes down with something strong enough to make the club seriously seek to end this behavior permanently.