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2015-16 Match Reviews

Unsworth - It was a dream script

Stand-in manager's quotes after Everton's win over Norwich City

Everton 3-0 Norwich: Instant Reaction

It was a disappointing season, but the Toffees delivered a fun finale to the 2015-16 campaign

Analysis: The End of Martinez's Reign

A satirical look at Roberto Martinez's final match in charge of Everton Football Club.

Martinez: The players gave everything they had

Manager's post-match comments after another embarrassment

Sunderland 3-0 Everton: Instant Reaction

Another awful, terrible, embarrassing performance.

Another Puzzling, Failed Experiment for Martinez

On the road against the Premier League champions, Roberto Martinez decided to overhaul his regular formation and adopt a 4-4-2. Predictably, the experiment blew up in his face.

Martinez blasts Everton in 100-second presser

Post-match comments from manager after another away humiliation

Everton at Leicester City: Instant Reaction

Congratulations to the Foxes. They are the champions of the Premier League and dismantled Everton today.

Even In Victory, Martinez's Tactics Are Puzzling

The Toffees finally found another win, but the team's mediocre first half served as a microcosm for Everton and Roberto Martinez's entire season.

Everton vs AFC Bournemouth: Extended Highlights

All the goals, saves and more

Martinez: Important to get winning feeling back

Post-match comments from manager after Everton beat Bournemouth

Everton vs Bournemouth: Instant Reaction

Not the most fun match to watch, but it was three points all the same.

Everton 1-2 Manchester United: Tactical Analysis

Everton are edged out in wide open and helter skelter match at Wembley

Martinez: A Hard Result To Take

Manager's post-match comments after Everton's loss to Manchester United

Everton vs ManU FA Cup semi-final instant reaction

The boys in blue showed tons of heart, but were unable to come out with the win.

Martinez - “Nobody deserved to experience that"

Post-match quotes from the Everton manager

Everton at Liverpool: Instant Reaction

It doesn't get much worse than this. The Toffees showed little heart against their rivals

Analysis: Martinez and the Tinkering Problem

A mediocre performance from an Everton B-team was down to far more than just the lack of quality on the pitch, with Roberto Martinez squarely in the crosshairs once again.

Martinez acknowledges fans' frustration at Everton

Manager's comments after the 1-1 draw between Everton and Southampton

Everton vs. Southampton: Instant Reaction

Somehow, Everton took a point with a sub-par starting XI

Open Letter to Martinez: Poor Tactics Costing You

With every passing day, Roberto Martinez gets a little bit more like the Wizard of Oz.

Martinez: A positive performance with resilience

Post-match quotes from the manager after Everton's 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace

Analysis: Tactics Show Martinez's Grip is Slipping

Another match has resulted in another disappointing result for Everton, with another questionable tactical decision from Roberto Martinez involved. Is the Spaniard's continued tinkering a sign that he is feeling his grip on the team slipping?

Martinez: Everton fans best in world football

Manager's post-match quotes after a disappointing draw at Watford

Watford 1-1 Everton: Instant Reaction

Try as they might, Everton struggled to break through the Watford back line, with their lone goal coming as a result of one boneheaded decision.

Analysis: Martinez's Poor Lineup Costs Everton

Roberto Martinez sent out Everton with a lineup that simply didn't make any sense -- predictably, the Toffees couldn't overcome the handicap handed out by their manager.

Martinez says players as unhappy as the fans

Post-match quotes from the manager after Everton's 1-0 loss at Manchester United

Everton 0-1 Manchester United: Instant Reaction

Poor attack, a defensive lapse, Everton loss. Rather, rinse, repeat.

A Cup manager? - 3 Thoughts on Everton vs Arsenal

We look at a few talking points from the game against Arsenal. Including the future for Roberto Martinez.

Analysis: Mentality, Not Tactics Cost Everton

Roberto Martinez's tactics during Saturday's disappointing loss to Arsenal perhaps could have been better, but the club's problems are much larger than simple tactical errors.

Martinez says eighth home loss is a "one-off"

The Blues are a trainwreck at Goodison Park

Everton vs. Arsenal: Instant Reaction

It may have been the Toffees worst performance all season.