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An Open Letter to Farhad Moshiri, from the Everton supporters

A number of supporters groups are banding together asking for meaningful change at the club.

As the Everton lurches headlong into another relegation battle just months after a summer when the club’s majority shareowner Farhad Moshiri released a statement virtually promising change and that the Grand Old Team wouldn’t be put in this position again, here we are.

A majority of supporters groups have banded together to discuss the ongoing issues at the club, particularly the malaise behind the scenes that has led to the Toffees current situation, and have drafted an open letter to the club’s owner asking for immediate change while there is still time to remedy the situation.

To Farhad Moshiri

The time to save our club from its continued decline is now. For too long, despite your investment, we have seen diminishing returns, that now threaten our existence as a Premier League Club.

We the undersigned fan & social media groups call on you to make sweeping changes at Chair, board & executive levels.

Bring in competent, experienced professionals who can reverse our decline & make us competitive once more.

The narrow window of opportunity you spoke of, is all but closed. Act now, whilst we still have a chance. Change the culture of the club, change the Chair, board & executive.

NSNO - our standard not just our motto

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum Now
The Blue Room
EFC Daily
County Road Bobblers
Hans Tours
Royal Blue Mersey
Falcon Blues
Toffee Army
Everton Blue Army
Everton USA
Talking The Blues
Everton Aren’t We Podcast
EFC People’s Group

There have been similar endeavours like this in the past that may or may not have led to change, but there is certainly a feeling of inevitability of this once-great club’s demise this time around, and it behooves us all as fans to ask for more and better from the leadership group.