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5 Telling Stats from Everton’s Lifeless Defeat to West Ham | Worst Season in History?

The Toffees fell even further into disarray with a 2-0 defeat at the London Stadium on Saturday

West Ham United v Everton FC - Premier League

Welcome to a very painful edition of 5 Telling Stats. If you haven’t yet, go read my article “The Soul of Everton Football Club is at Stake” from last week where I gave my thoughts and analysis on the current state of EFC. The figures included in this article do not require much context or explanation due to how dreadful they truly are, so read at your own risk and take care, Toffees.

1. Simply Shameful

This is an unprecedented poor run of form for the club, even for fans who were around for some of the bleak days of the 90s too.

2. All-Time Low

This is officially now the worst season in Everton history. Simply indefensible by all of those who have gotten us into this mess.

3. Usurped by Underachievers

When all the clubs around you are beating you too, you are clearly the worst of the lot.

4. Remorseful Run

About to set a Premier League worst record for the club too - next two games are against Arsenal and Liverpool.

5. Time to Go

That’s one full season’s worth of games, and not even at the 40 point relegation threshold.

Simply brutal. Everton Football Club is in freefall.