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Everton and hummel unveil new home kit for 2022-23 season

There will be a new shirt sponsor this season as well after a deal was signed with Stake

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Everton are in the last year of a three-year contract with Danish sportswear firm hummel. The last two years of kits were mostly well-received, and now with gambling firm Stake as the new shirt sponsor coming onboard, today we got a look at what the new kits for the upcoming 2022-23 season will look like.

Yesterday both the club and the kitmaker teased the Prince Rupert’s Tower imagery which looked like it would form the background for the new home kit.

Well here it is Blues.

The design inspiration for the new home kit has come from around the world, with a number of Evertonians involved in the process.

The home shirt features a heat-embossed tower pattern repeated across the whole jersey, contrasting against flashes of white across each side and finished with a white round neck.

For the first time, the traditional four hummel chevrons down the arms are pared back to two, allowing the striking contrast between the embroidered pattern and white side and neck detail to take centre stage.

Together, the embossed pattern and white flashes create an eye-catching visual effect that is further enhanced when seen under the floodlights at Goodison Park – a celebration of the famous atmosphere of night games at The Grand Old Lady.

The back-of-neck is signed-off with famous Prince Rupert’s tower motif, which forms a strong part of Everton’s brand.

Speaking about the design Richard Kenyon, Director of Communications, Revenue and International Growth, said:

“I’m sure Evertonians everywhere will appreciate this year’s home kit, which merges traditional elements of our brand with a modern styling.

“We’ve used our updated tower icon more extensively across the club over the last few months so it’s great to see it form part of the pattern within our latest home kit.

“It’s another strong kit, delivered by our technical partner hummel, and we thank them for their hard work in creating it and look forward to revealing our away and third kits with them later this summer.”

Once again this year the women’s kit is being released along with the men’s kit too.

Everton Women’s kit 2022-23 Everton FC

hummel have done some good work with the goalkeeper kit too, with the emerald green and black design “inspired by Toffees nickname and the tradition of the Everton sweet”.

The goalkeeper kit will also be available in short sleeves.

The kit is available to buy NOW from and in store at Everton One and Two.

You can also order the new men’s home kit, the women’s kit as well along with new goalie kit at the Fanatics Everton online store here.*

Unlike in previous years when at least one of the three kits for the next year was released before the end of the season, Everton’s tenuous battle for survival meant there was no unveiling of any kits until the club had secured Premier League status for 2022-23. Previous year’s kits can still be ordered at the Kitbag online store here.*

*- Royal Blue Mersey will receive a portion of any sales made through this link