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Lampard: I will bring the same passion Everton fans do

New manager’s first interview after appointment is made official

Everton Unveil Frank Lampard as Their New Manager Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

We’ve known about it for a couple of days now, but with Everton, until it’s officially official it’s never quite done is it?

Frank Lampard was confirmed as the next Everton manager a few minutes ago, bringing to an end a search that seemed to hit every twist and turn in the road in the fifteen days since Rafa Benitez was sacked.

In his comments to evertontv today, Lampard talked about the passion of the fans -

“It is a huge honour for me to represent and manage a club of Everton’s size and tradition and I am very excited. I always had a great feeling when I played against Everton.

“There are certain clubs in England that when you go into the stadium, you can feel the passion the fans have for their team. It is very intense. I found it difficult when it was against me and I am very much looking forward to representing that on their [supporters’] side. I will bring the same passion they give when they watch their team.”

Lampard added -

“I think Everton is a unique club in that you can really understand what the fans want to see. The first thing they want is fight and desire and that must always be our baseline. I knew I had to work overly hard [as a player] to try to be the best I could. I’m the same as a manager and I want to see that in my team.

“Beyond that, you need the qualities to play good football. I want to see a team that are confident in possession, that can control games with possession, and be very exciting to watch at the top end of the pitch.

“We need to be a team that’s very active… crossing and getting shots on goal and staying in the other half of the pitch. When you don’t have the ball, you must be aggressive.

“And management is not just the tactical side – it’s how you make the squad and individuals feel. I will try to be myself, very personable and close to the players, and set up a team to play good football and win games.”

The 43-year-old gave more details on his interview and the tortuous process that led to his appointment.

“The talks with the owner and Chairman and Board were very positive and their passion and ambition shone through. You expect a meticulous process with a club the size of Everton and I hope they felt my ambition and how hard I want to work to bring it together.

“I will do the job with all my heart and passion. The backing and open communication from the owner and Chairman and Board is a big deal. The most important thing to focus on is the short-term.

“We know the new stadium is coming and where this club wants to be but, first and foremost, there are challenges in front of us right now. The league position – and an FA Cup game at the weekend.

“I want to get to work very quickly on that, to deal with the short-term. And, of course, in the back of our minds is the long-term vision of the Club. I am very open with the way I work. That runs deeper and further than the owner and board and myself. It runs through staff and players and, first and foremost, the fans, because they are the football club.

“I will always try to be open and communicate and show the fans exactly how I hard I will work – and we will do everything possible to achieve those long-term visions.”

The new manager insisted that he does have a decent squad to work with even as he prepares for his first game in charge, a home FA Cup Fourth Round clash against Brentford on Saturday.

However, with Donny van de Beek to be announced shortly and a possibility to add more, Lampard said -

“We are considering that. When you look at the squad, we have some areas where there are injuries. I want to make a positive impact and if bringing in players helps that, then we’ll try to do it in a very joined-up way.

“In terms of my idea on the squad, I’ve seen things from the outside that will be my priorities to try to improve – firstly, to get results, but also to try to improve confidence and the way we play and to engage with the fans.”

The former Chelsea midfielder once again stressed the importance of a united fanbase as the Blues look to climb back up the table.

“When I came to Goodison as a player, there was a feeling the crowd was on top of you, you could feel them and hear every single word. The passion and support of the crowd can swing a game. With the competitive level of the Premier League and our position in the table, we certainly need that.

“It’ is a two-way thing. The players need to show that passion on the pitch – they have to show the same passion as every fan who shows up to watch the game.

“That’ll be my first job and my first message to the players: that we have to do this together. This can’t be done without the support both ways. We’ll try to do our job and I know the fans will be there backing us.”