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Mykolenko wants to know why Everton are called the Toffees

The Ukrainian 22-year-old give his first interview after joining the Blues

Everton Unveil New Signing Vitaliy Mykolenko Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Everton announced the signing of left back Vitaliy Mykolenko early on January 1st with the winter transfer window just opened. The young Ukrainian international is well thought of in scouting circles, and helps the Blues shore up a position where there is scant back up.

In his first interview since joining the club, the youngster spoke in his native Ukrainian.

“I am happy to be playing for this club and will be doing everything possible to win matches.

“I am excited about the responsibility of playing in front of these supporters because I have seen the last few games at Goodison Park. And that was unbelievable. They are incredible supporters to whom I feel great responsibility.”

What does this move mean to him at this point in his young career, especially leaving Dynamo, the club he has spent his whole life at?

“It is a big and important step in my life. I believe I need to grow and progress, and a league like the Premier League is a big step in my career development and I hope that I will continue to improve and grow as a player at Everton.

“I hope that I will be a useful acquisition for the club. I am a modest person and won’t be predicting that I will come here and achieve the impossible. I am a modest man who wants to come and try to win every game for the club.

“I have always dreamt of playing in the Premier League… it is where football was born and I think that it will suit my game very well but for this I need to adapt but I hope it won’t take me too long.”

The 22-year-old is a versatile player who can play up along the left touchline as well as slot in as a central defender, a flexibility that should serve Everton well with their thin squad.

“My main position is left back, but I think I can play as a wide midfielder too. I think I’m a versatile defender who can get up and down the pitch.

“I am 22 and will be trying to justify my being brought to the club. I hope it will start happening for me immediately from the first few days and this is where the manager will help me to settle in and it will give me confidence to progress and keep improving.”

When asked about what he knew about Everton, the player joked that he was definitely interested in learning more about the history of the Toffees.

“I know that the club was founded in 1878. I know that they are called the Toffees. I was reading the history to find out why they are called the Toffees but I could not find the correct explanation and would like to find out why.”

Mykolenko, who will wear the #19 shirt, revealed that he had talked to some members of the Dynamo Kiev contingent that had visited Goodison Park for the Europa League clash a few years ago. The fullback was a ball boy for the return clash at Kiev.

“I was told by the people that came over for that game that the atmosphere was impossible to describe and so I would like to experience it for myself in person.

“I was standing not far from the Everton supporters, and my teammates were sitting there too. They had caps with “Europa League” on and they were exchanging the caps over the barriers.”