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5 Telling Stats from Everton’s Dramatic 3-3 Draw with Man Utd

What did the numbers tell us about Everton’s last-gasp draw at Old Trafford?

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

It was dramatic. Was it deserved? Probably not.

But who cares? Everton fought back for once.

Let’s see what the numbers told us about the result.

Know Your Strengths

Everton are NOT a “play out from the back” team

Aside from a relatively positive opening 10 minutes or so, Everton were at their worst in the first half.

The Blues were trying to play out from the back, but in reality were just playing themselves into trouble.

Just look at the two pass maps below. The first is Everton in the first half and the second is Everton after the break, when they actually tried to move the ball forward quickly (both attacking from right to left).

Everton First Half Pass Map (attacking right to left)
Everton Second Half Pass Map (attacking right to left)

Efficient Blues

Score all three shots on target

The one thing Everton did do against United is that in the briefs moments were they did play well, they made their chances pay.

A half chance for Richarlison went begging in the first half, while DCL should have pulled one back when through on goal just before half-time, but other than that, Everton were ruthless in front of goal.

Davies Key

Played 12 successful forward passes

One of the key players in Everton’s early second half comeback was the often-maligned Tom Davies.

He was tight on the ball in the first half, but was one of many (essentially all) players to be caught playing the ball back rather than forward.

But after a few words from a clearly irritated Carlo Ancelotti at half-time, Tom Davies’ forward passing was one of the key contributors to Everton’s renaissance.

“Big Six”

4 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat

It took a last gasp equaliser, but Everton picked up yet another point against one of the “Big Six”.

Indeed, the only of Sky’s big teams to have beaten Everton this season is Manchester United.

Spurs (A) - W 1-0

Liverpool (H) - D 2-2

United (H) - L 1-3

Chelsea (H) - W 1-0

Arsenal (H) - W 2-1

United (A) - D 3-3


Everton retrieve a point despite going behind twice

One of my biggest criticisms of Everton in recent times has been their ability to deal with adversity.

But here, for once, Everton showed some really character to comeback from a two-goal deficit at half time and then find another goal to grab a point in the last seconds.

Everton haven’t won a game they were losing at half time since beating West Bromwich Albion in August 2016. But here, they at least picked up a point. Although it could be argued that Everton failed to continue to capitalise on a frail United defence after drawing level the first time.

Either way, Everton are improving. Slowly, but surely.