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Massive Moise Kean summer sale will allow for big transfer window spending

A Parisian permanent deal will replenish the Toffees coffers, and that could mean some proper summer spending

Paris Saint-Germain v Stade Brest - Ligue 1
Moise Kean of Paris Saint-Germain celebrates his goal
Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Moise Kean was a fabulous signing for Everton in August of 2019. Yet even with his subpar first year, subsequent loan, and current prospect of permanently remaining in Paris, it appears that the signing will have a positive result in the end, even if not with the Blues.

That’s because the Liverpool Echo reports indicate that Carlo Ancelotti is willing to convert the loan into a permanent deal with Paris St. Germain; while the funds we were said to be asking for, around £31m, would’ve been excellent for the club’s coffers in any year, things continue to develop. The player’s current form for the Parisians, and the lack of any pre-arranged permanent deal written into the loan agreement, could push any sale price for the player still higher, which could in turn, prove absolutely crucial during this particular summer transfer window for the Toffees.

That is for a few reasons, one of which is of course, our financial situation in relation to Financial Fair Play (FFP). Until fans can come back to the stadiums, most every club will suffer similarly as the Toffees currently do, yet there is some hope visible at this juncture. Everton are very much in the running for a European competition next season, with a top five, or even four finish absolutely within grasp should the club remain dedicated and persistent.

Finding a way into Europe is crucial for the clubs ambition, prestige, and perhaps even more pressingly, its previously mentioned finances; the culmination of great effort is seen with a birth in the UEFA Champions League, and so we must also get there, without Kean this season, as well as in the future it appears.

On Moise Kean and Everton

As his departure seems both inevitable and for the best relating to all parties, it is worth taking a look at what could’ve been; should the Italian striker leave Merseyside permanently, I will always wonder, “what if”, to myself. The talent that this player has is undeniable, and to give up on that for even 60 or 70 million (of any currency) seems shortsighted when one thinks of what talent like that can do for the prospects of a club both financially and in the sporting aspect. When one considers the type of boss we have, the legend and his CV, one hopes that the Toffees are not relinquishing a generational talent entirely too prematurely.

Were Kean playing at Everton this season, experiencing the type of year he has had at PSG so far, under now former boss Thomas Tuchel and current boss Mauricio Pochettino, Everton would perhaps be even more frightening than they are. The goal scoring would be beyond compare, as would the ages of the attack - a 20-year-old Kean, 23-year-old Dominic Calvert-Lewin and 23-year-old Richarlison is a pretty scary combination, if they can find the pitch together that is.

Yet during Kean’s stay under Marco Silva, Duncan Ferguson and finally Don Carlo, he demonstrated such quality as in either Italy or France on fewer occasions than such talent warrants. Is it right to just accept that such skill and ability cannot be integrated along similar talent, age and potential, simply because it’s in the north of England? I do not believe so but then again, a struggling, unhappy player with a world of talent is oftentimes less valuable than a less talented player with greater ambition in their setting and environment.

Everton FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Moise Kean Sale: A Perfect Cherry on Top of a Toffee Ticket to Europe, if we can get there

With that said, the sale of Kean, anywhere near the newly reported figure of £70m, would be of remarkable benefit for the Toffees, especially if it can accord with a berth in European competition. The extra room on the squad and extra financial maneuverability would be key for Everton, as many of the young players may look to cash in on the new found success with better contracts, while the club itself would finally be able to bolster its lineup properly. Adding Joshua King just as this winter transfer window was closing was an absolutely important move, and should he show the form that he has over the last four years with Bournemouth, he will be a name that the Toffees look to keep in the squad moving ahead. Yet while some are resigned, others names will likely be moved on.

Fabian Delph and Bernard Duarte are likely chief among those on the outs no matter the team’s position at the end of the season. Neither have shown a great deal under the current regime and both spots could be used for up and coming youth or better, more useful experience. Yet even with the added financial capabilities that come with European play, Everton and Don Carlo will likely see those resources dry up as they are spent; the millions brought back by the Kean sale however, will buy the Don whatever he wishes, within reason of course.

There are names still floating about surely. Isco, Leon Bailey, Hirving Lozano, Thomas Lemar, Ivan Perisic all come to mind, and a few of those names were linked to the Royal Blue more than once in recent months; Max Aarons of Norwich City should also be considered should money become more easily available to be spent on further player upgrades. Others will become known or available in the months to come as well, as hope for success fades for some clubs and new potentials can finally be reached by other clubs. Carlo Ancelotti may want to add depth to his defense in places where it’s aging, or he might want to address depth in the wide midfield or wing positions; whatever the case and decision, the Kean money will feel less massive without European competition next season, and so the club must make all efforts to cement a top six in the league table by the end of this campaign.

And while that does not look impossible as of today, in early February, things can change fast in football. All it takes is the twist of an ankle or a bad tackle to send a club into a tailspin; the red card foul by Richarlison against Thiago Alcantara must be proof of this as anything, and yet with the recent play taken into consideration, Everton are not in bad shape at all. While they are three points and goals off of Chelsea for fifth place, and five and goals off of David Moyes and West Ham United, the Toffees do still have a game in hand on each, while sitting in seventh place on the table. The rest of this campaign will be a dogfight, a proper scrap to play with the elite of Europe, not simply in the Europa League; for Everton to make it, they will need to scrap harder, and win some of the matches we aren’t supposed to, after losing a few too many we weren’t supposed to.

But the team has one match with both Chelsea and West Ham United remaining this season, and taking six points from those matches, in March and May respectively, will go a long way towards Everton ending the season in a top four or five spot.

Should Everton be able to accomplish this, and make it to the Champions League, or even the Europa League, it will be an accomplishment that every Blue on Merseyside will take pride in as readily as the players themselves. Don Carlo will be hailed and Marcel Brands will surely return to Merseyside, should he still wish to that is. The roster will be built up and the upcoming season will be as optimistic as any in decades surely. And just as the excitement begins to settle, that’s when it hits you once more: the Moise Kean money from France could turn a wonderful circumstance, into an even better, more fortunate one, that might be competitive for years to come.