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Ancelotti not concerned about Pickford, provides transfer update

Manager’s comments ahead of trip to London

Everton Training Session Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Jordan Pickford will be the most relieved member of the Everton squad after Carlo Ancelotti’s pre-match press conference ahead of the game at Crystal Palace tomorrow. After he was widely blamed for a couple of errors leading to both of Fleetwood’s goals, there were even rumours yesterday that the Blues had reached out to the representatives of Manchester United’s third choice Sergio Romero.

Asked if he thought the mistakes would affect his confidence, Ancelotti dismissed any concerns about his number one.

“There is a lot of focus on him but I have to be honest, he started really well and had a fantastic match against Tottenham.

“When he makes a mistake, I am the first to say to him you made a mistake, because he understands.

“I am not focused on him like you. He is a great goalkeeper. He could do better in the game against Fleetwood but also the defenders could do better. We didn’t build up well as a team.

“But that’s it, he has my total confidence.”

When asked if the Blues were indeed looking to reinforce the goalkeeper position before the transfer deadline, Ancelotti was pretty blunt -

“We are not looking for this.”

(Looks like Paul Joyce might have had his wires crossed on this one, a first in the decade that I have followed him.)

Ancelotti did go on to say what he has for a couple of weeks now about the centrehalf though.

“We are looking for a centreback. At this moment we only have two available, Yerry Mina and Michael Keane.

“If there is an opportunity or a possibility we are ready to catch.”

When asked if Fikayo Tomori was still a possibility, Ancelotti stuck to his tack of not talking about players of other teams.

“Tomori is a Chelsea player, ask the manager of Chelsea, not to me. I can talk about Mina or Keane.

“If Lampard talks about Mina or Keane I will not be happy.”