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Is this leak Everton’s new away kit?

We take a look at why this could, or could not, be the new away kit that’s being officially released tomorrow

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Alan Ball
Alan Ball in the iconic Everton away kit from the Holy Trinity era
Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images

The dog days of summer are truly upon us. The transfer window is open but as they have in recent years, Everton are keeping their business dealings well and truly under wraps. However, yesterday Everton’s new kit manufacturer hummel dropped a bit of surprise news regarding the new away kit, announcing that it will be released on Friday while also giving a hint or two about what it could look like.

The Danish sportswear firm’s tweet is below -

The tweet shows the statues of the ‘Holy Trinity’ outside Goodison Park - Alan Ball, Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall - bathed in a golden light reminiscent of the yellow away kit shown in the title picture of this article that was worn by the Toffees between 1968-72.

With Ball also wearing hummel boots back then, there has long been speculation that the firm would hark back to that era with their first Everton project.

Everton’s yellow away kits from the 60s & 70s
Historical Football Kits

With the internet being what it is though, some eagle-eyed Blues found an online store that had accidentally listed what they were calling the Everton 2020-21 season away kit, and it looked remarkably like what was worn back then. Interestingly, after that initial outcry the store has taken down the listing and only shows the home kit which was released a month ago.

The kit listed has all the right design elements from that era - the yellow/amber coloured shirt, with a short blue round collar and the iconic hummel chevrons in a graded print down the shoulders.

This is not very different from what a number of avid fans with design capabilities have been proposing for some time now. It is however different in that the shirt itself does not have a pattern in the solid colour block in the front where the crest and manufacturer icons are, which the home kit does.

hummel’s new Everton home kit showing the patterned chest
Everton FC

The blue trim around the collar is an interesting feature since the 68-72 kit actually does not have the trim. In fact, every other amber-tinged kit from that time has the trim in either black, green or royal blue but that specific era. The trim on the sleeves of the leaked pictures looks correct compared to the home sleeves, though the collar on the away shirt is a bit different from the home one.

Website Footy Headlines who have in the past been able to get their hands on pictures of previously unreleased kits have some more details including the handwriting script ‘EFC’ logo on the nape of the neck above where the player names will go.

More details on the leaked away kit
Footy Headlines

Everton’s all-blue look with blue shirt, blue shorts and blue socks has not been too popular in the past, but this amber kit’s blue trim will likely mean royal blue shorts and socks are going to be back again.

hummel have come in for a bit of criticism after the release of the home kit on two counts - not doing enough with the design elements available to them, and also for the quality of the shirt itself, primarily in the form of the badge peeling away. The club have asked though that all complaints be directed to Everton Direct or the stores themselves.

All pictures of the kits released so far do not have a sleeve sponsor as yet, but that news should be imminent too with the new season just over a month away.