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School of Science Radio, Episode 49: Full Season Review

Geno and Matthew are joined by The Athletic’s Paddy Boyland for a thorough look back on Everton’s 2019-20 campaign

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With another season over and done with (eventually), this week the SOS Radio gang took a look back at the few highs, many lows and everything in-between during Everton’s 2019-20 campaign.

Geno and Matthew were joined by Paddy Boyland, Everton correspondent for The Athletic, and together they broke the season down into five parts:

  • Pre-season: Did Everton under-estimate how important the departed Idrissa Gueye was? With the benefit of hindsight, were the right or wrong summer signings made? And having managed just three goals and one win in seven friendlies before the big kick-off, were the warning signs already there for Marco Silva and co.?
  • Everton in 2019-20 under Marco Silva: Was it a fair decision to part with Silva when Everton did? Would Silva have perhaps earned himself more time and/or favour had he changed tactics sooner?
  • Everton in 2019-20 under Duncan Ferguson: What were the main differences between Everton under Silva and Ferguson? How good a job did he do as caretaker manager for four games?
  • Everton in 2019-20 under Carlo Ancelotti: What were the biggest improvements under Ancelotti? How did we rate the job he’s done so far? Could we realistically have expected any better? Did a three-month break, empty stadiums and nine games in five weeks have much of an impact on Everton post-lockdown?
  • Final 2019-20 thoughts and looking ahead to 2020-21: Highlights and lowlights of 2019-20? Player of the season/most improved player of the season? Where, aside from central midfield, needs most surgery over summer? With eight already out of the door, how many more summer departures should we expect? And what is a realistic aim for Everton next year?

You can listen to this week’s episode below (or click here):

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