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On This Day In Everton History: August 26th

We go deep into the archives here.. to 1939!

Theo Kelly at Everton
Everton FC

As we continue to look to the past, let’s take a look at how this date shaped Everton history as we know it!

1939: Theo Kelly takes charge in first official game as manager

The 1938-39 season was a memorable one for the Toffees. They dominated Division One winning their first six matches and going on two separate nine-game unbeaten runs in all competitions to finish the season on top. They finished with 59 points, 4 points ahead of Wolves who they lost to in the FA Cup, and the craziest part about it all... they had no official manager.

That would all change the following season when the club appointed Theo Kelly as the club’s first official manager. Kelly had already been serving as a coach for the club since 1929. He would take charge in his first match as manager on August 26th, 1939, leading the team as they started their title defense against Brentford. Tommy Lawton was the lone scorer for the Toffees that day as they drew with their opponents to kick off the campaign.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s first season as manager did not last long. With World War II breaking out throughout Europe, the league was forced to shut down just a few weeks into the season. There would be no league football again until 1946 when the war had concluded. Theo Kelly would be in charge of the team for only another two seasons after that before handing over his duties to Cliff Britton for the next 8 years.

And THAT is today in Everton History!