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On This Day In Everton History: May 26th

The latest date a league match has ever been played at Goodison Park

Edward Sagar - Everton FC
Edward ‘Ted’ Sagar, Everton goalkeeper
Photo by Barratts/PA Images via Getty Images

Let’s take a look at how this date shaped Everton history as we know it!

1947: Everton play latest League game ever at Goodison Park

The early 1940’s were a troublesome time around the world. World War II had broken out and sports had been put on hold as the players went to fight for their respective countries. There were still games played, but not nearly the amount that would typically be put on in a season as the focus was on winning the war, not a match. The Football League abandoned their activities in the middle of the 1939-40 season as England became heavily involved in the war and wouldn’t return for another 7 years after things had finally calmed down. So, 1946-47 was the first full campaign for any team in a while and, surely, everyone was just excited to get back on the pitch. In Everton’s case, things got off to a decent start as they lost just two of their first 6 matches, but it would get a little bumpy from there. The Toffees won just 3 of their next 16 and by January things weren’t looking great. They would steady the ship in the new calendar year, going unbeaten in 8 of their next 10 matches and losing just 6 of their final 22 games, but it wasn’t enough for the Toffees as they were in the middle of the table with no trophies as the season began to come to a close. That brings us to May 26th, 1947.

Everton were set to take on Leeds United with their opponents already relegated from the league and the Toffees in no man’s land in the league table. So, this game, in the grand scheme of things didn’t mean too much. Either way, Everton dominated the match, only allowing 1 goal while getting goals from Jock Dodds (2), Jackie Grant and Alex Stevenson for a 4-1 victory. The 3 points moved the Toffees up to 10th where they would stay through the end of the season, but the interesting part about this match was that it was, and still is, the latest date that a league match has ever been played at Goodison Park .

As the years move forward, the post-war era was not good to the Toffees overall as they failed to finish above 10th in the first division again until the 1960-61 season and were even relegated to the second division in the early 1950’s. But, they would figure things out and it wouldn’t be long before the Royal blue shirt was lifting trophies at the highest level once again.

And THAT is today in Everton history!