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On This Day In Everton History: May 23rd

A derby win arrives for the rampant Blues in today’s feature

Howard Kendall
Howard Kendall had led Everton to the 1984-85 title by May 23

Let’s take a look at how this date shaped Everton history as we know it!

1985: Howard Kendall fields youngsters, Everton still win

The 1984-85 season was Everton’s coming out party in the mid-80s. The team was extremely talented and that showed from the jump as they lost just two of their first ten games.

After a loss to Arsenal, it was off and running again as the Toffees won ten straight games in all competitions, solidifying their spot as title contenders that year. The squad hit a bit of a bump come late November, but this team was different. None of that affected them and by Boxing Day, they were back on track.

Only this time, they had no plans of losing until they got the title and they did just that. Everton went 28 games without losing a single match in all competitions, a run that brought them the league title and had them in the finals of both the European Cup Winner’s Cup and the FA Cup.

As we all know, they completed their quest for their first European trophy that year before falling to Manchester United in the FA Cup final, ruining their hope of bringing the treble back to Merseyside.

It didn’t matter to any fan or player, though, because they had reached amazing heights that season, but even after the FA Cup Final, there were still three league games to be played, including the Merseyside Derby. That brings us to May 23, 1985.

With every possible trophy already handed out, the Toffees welcomed second-place Liverpool to Goodison Park, looking to add an exclamation point to their already astonishing season.

At least, that is what the fans were hoping for because Howard Kendall seemed to be thinking the opposite, fielding the reserves against the Reds’ full strength squad. But, as if Everton needed any more bragging rights that year, the squads didn’t matter, Everton were still far superior.

Liverpool could not keep up despite the quality of talent on the field for the Toffees as Paul Wilkinson scored the only goal of the day, leading Everton to a 1-0 derby win.

The victory not only capped off their title-winning season with a win against their rivals, but it also gave the Toffees 90 points, a feat that had never been reached before in the English top division. Needless to say, 1984-85 was a magical season and one Everton fans will remember until the day they die.

And THAT is today in Everton history!