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School of Science Radio, Episode 38: An Everton Disaster

Discussing all the latest Everton topics...

It only took a few weeks but the Carlo Ancelotti era has already hit its first roadbump, and it’s a fullblown Everton crisis as well. In case you haven’t heard, the Blues lost to Liverpool’s youth side (basically) in the FA Cup last weekend and since then the sky has fallen down.

Supporters have been calling for players’ heads, most players have been avoiding the fans like the plague while others have taken to exchanging angry words on social media and right now the whole thing is a sh*tshow.

In this episode of School of Science Radio, Adam and Geno talk about the aftermath of the Derby loss, and just the overall state of the club as things stand with an ageing squad of players some of whom seem a bit too comfortable with the status quo.

Is all this just Carlo Ancelotti gauging who should be staying at the club and who will be going? We’ll know more for sure in the coming weeks. The manager has already indicated that we shouldn’t expect too many incoming signings during this January transfer window.

The duo also discuss this weekend’s Premier League game between Everton and Brighton & Hove Albion, with what to expect at Goodison Park this weekend.

You can listen to this episode using the player below (or click here):

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