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Manchester City 2-1 Everton: Three Thoughts

Some observations from a disappointing loss yesterday

Manchester City v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

City get their goals

Everton did a fine job of keeping Manchester City at bay in the first half. The Toffees kept the ball away from City as often as possible and had a well organized defense when the situation called for it. But as is often the case it was only a matter of time before City put the ball in the net.

It was Gabriel Jesus who once again gave Everton trouble as he scored both of City’s goals in this match. The diminutive Brazilian could have easily scored four or more goals in the match despite Everton doing an admirable job in defense. Unfortunately, this is what happens when a team plays against City. They are so skilled on the ball and adept at quick short passes that it is almost inevitable that they will put up a handful of goals on a team (averaging 2.7 goals per game), no matter how well they defend.

Taking advantage of a rare mistake

Everton largely struggled to get their attack going in this match. Throughout the first half they tried their best to play out of the back and get the ball into dangerous areas. But everywhere they went, Manchester City was there to stop them.

Their only way back into the match came at the expense of goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. Bravo got a little too fancy with his clearance and the ball ended up at the feet of Moise Kean and eventually via Theo Walcott to Richarlison who put the ball away for Everton’s lone goal of the match. It is a rare opportunity that this side makes such a big mistake, but Everton were there to take advantage.

Keeping the game out of reach

The scoreline indicates a match that was closer than it really was. Manchester City proved in this match that offense can be the best defense. Instead of sitting back and playing to keep their one goal lead, City kept the ball at their feet and away from Everton.

No amount of pressing could disrupt the Manchester City passing display as they adeptly played short pass after short pass around any Everton player that came near. Because of this the Blues couldn’t make much of a final push in the dying moments of the match. The few opportunities that did present themselves came from corner kick’s but Everton were not able to find another goal.