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Silva: Gomes and Gbamin out for Sheffield visit

Manager’s comments ahead of Blades’ visit tomorrow

AFC Bournemouth v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Everton host Sheffield United in the Premier League tomorrow, looking to put aside their disappointment from last weekend’s trip to AFC Bournemouth where the Blues disintegrated in the second half.

Questions have been rightly asked about the Toffees’ away composure, which is even more stark when compared to how well Everton have done at Goodison Park with six straight wins.

This was put to Marco Silva about why the team struggles as much as they do on the road.

“We continue to improve from last season and the season before, but in my opinion the improvement is not enough.

“Now is a home game, it’s not the time to take about the away situation, we can address that next week.”

Silva has been doing his homework on the Blades.

“We have to focus on the game against Sheffield and respect our opponents. They are in good form and play well away. They got a draw at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea and also at AFC Bournemouth.

“Sometimes the fans will have to be more patient when we are at home. They want the players to move forward and score goals and get a clear win, but it’s not always possible.”

On the status of injured midfielders Andre Gomes and Jean-Philippe Gbamin -

“Andre Gomes is out, JP is out as well.

“Andre’s injury is not long term, it’s a day-to-day situation, he’s getting better, but he’s not in full training with the team. It’s the type of situation where we have to look at how he feels.

“Maybe in 2 or 3 days we’ll see how he is and I will be able to give you more information.”

Will he make any changes after the loss last weekend?

“There is always opportunity, the competition is high. I will take the decisions to pick the best XI, there is always good competition in the side.

“It is not just because we lose a football game we will change everything. In some moments when we are winning is also a time to change.

“If everyone is working hard and they are trying to get an opportunity then it’s good, let’s see what will be my decision tomorrow.”