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Everton’s new stadium will be a beautiful, architectural marvel

Is this everything you ever dreamed of as an Everton fan or what?!

Everton FC

After over a century of calling one of the most iconic football grounds in the world home, Everton fans can finally rest easy knowing that their next home is once again a trailblazer among modern stadia.

In a private event today for supporters, the club revealed designs for the stadium to be constructed on the banks of the River Mersey on Bramley-Moore dock, bringing to an end months of speculation on what architect Dan Meis had planned for us.

Earlier this week before the official reveal, we took an in-depth look at all the comments Meis had made and the hints he had dropped regarding the new stadium, and were able to get a pretty good idea about some terms used in relation to the stadium.

Bluenami referred to the blue wave design of the home end of the stadium, said to take inspiration from the steep ‘Yellow Wall’ that Borussia Dortmund have. The extensive use of brickwork around the stadium is inspired by the Tobacco Warehouse, the iconic building that is also on the docks nearby.

There are plenty of other subtle touches in and around the stadium that are a nod to the Club and its history, but also pays homage to the docks and the Merseyside area in general. From the club website -

The concepts show a stunning brick, steel and glass design which takes its inspiration from the historic maritime and warehouse buildings nearby. The structure combines the historic and the modern, with the brick base of the stadium incorporating a subtle nod to Goodison Park’s famous Archibald Leitch lattice work while the dynamic roof structure made from steel and glass gives the stadium a modern finish.

Inside the new stadium
Everton FC

Speaking during the reveal, Club Chief Executive Officer Denise Barrett-Baxendale started off by saying -

”Our stadium will bring a vibrancy and energy back to this area. The northern docks will again be filled with sound, colour and atmosphere – and will be better connected to our amazing city than ever before.

”Our stadium will perfectly bookend our already world-class waterfront – stimulating regeneration and adding to the rich cultural offering that already exists.”

A lot more information around the construction and orientation of the new stadium was also revealed, and can be found on the Everton website. Additionally, the club also announced their plans for the current site of Goodison Park once the Blues move away to the docks.

While there will always be some griping among the fanbase over some detail or the other, especially stadium capacity, all in all it looks like Dan Meis has fulfilled his design brief to the ‘T’.

Now let’s get it built, COYB!