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Silva: Everton need to end season on a good run

Manager’s comments ahead of Everton trip to Newcastle

Cardiff City v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Everton are off to Newcastle this weekend in Premier League action, with the mood decidedly more positive after the win away at Cardiff City and then the draw at Goodison against Liverpool last weekend.

Speaking during his pre-match press conference, manager Marco Silva responded to a question about what he was hoping to see from his side in the remaining nine games of the season.

“I gave you my feedback before the Cardiff match. Now we have to play each match as a final. We need to do our maximum to get three points and end the season on a good run and in a good spot in the table.

“Everything is open for us. It is not important to talk about the final position we just need to play every game as a final.”

The manager was also asked about the atmosphere around the squad leading up to this weekend’s clash.

“It was a good week for us after the long break. No doubt about that, it was a good after the long break.

“It would have been perfect if we had six points, but it was a good week. Good away win, tough match at home in the derby, both teams had chances to get the win and of course it helps the mood of the team.

“Better second half and we came close to achieving a result. It helps to grow the confidence of the team.

“Of course, the mood is different.”

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) came back into focus this week during the Champions League games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Silva shared his thoughts.

“I think everything what we can put in to help to make more moments fair and to take the right decisions is welcome. I know here we are trying to do it so the game isn’t stopped many, many times because everyone loves the pace and intensity of the Premier League.

“But it is one thing that can help the referees to make fair decisions.”

Jordan Pickford was under the spotlight at Goodison after the gaffe away at Anfield in the previous derby, but came through with the clean sheet.

“Even at Anfield he made good saves also, not just in Goodison. If you push the movie back you can good saves also.

“I know you just look at the last second of the match with the mistake but he made good saves.

“Of course he made a good save [against Mohamed Salah]. To change something from three months ago doesn’t make sense.”