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What did Marco Silva say to the Everton players at halftime?

Whatever it was, it worked!

Everton FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Marco Silva has a cunning plan
Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Everton looked like a damp dishcloth in the first half today against Chelsea, as they folded meekly time and again letting the visitors run them ragged. Jordan Pickford and his left post kept the Blues in the game though, and somehow Everton stayed in the game 0-0 at halftime.

The fans were disappointed as Everton allowed Chelsea to walk all over them, and the initial euphoria to start the game wore off quick. However, it appears manager Marco Silva said something to the players at the break, and it worked. Here’s is quotes to the BBC -

“It would be easier for me just to speak about the second half. The first half I didn’t like it at all, we were not there from the first minute. What we did in the second half was everything we planned during the week.

“I didn’t like the first half and told our players at half time that they have to do everything different. And they did. They showed great attitude, character and personality second half but we have to do it from the first minute.

“Desire is a strong word. We weren’t without desire. They work really hard every day, I can’t say anything about their attitude. But maybe we weren’t focused on our role. What I saw in the second half is what we do every day in training.”

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