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Everton set to fill 60,000-seat stadium

Everton’s future takes shape

Everton v Watford - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The release of the results of the Bramley Moore Dock public consultation, Everton have moved forward into the next phase of their stadium construction plan.

Now armed with public sentiment, the Toffees front-office will be forging forward to get started on getting finances procured, concrete plans confirmed and the building process started.

One of the major debates that has surrounded the Bramley Moore Dock plans has been the number of seats to include in the future home of the Toffees.

Early signs have pointed towards the club building a 50-55,000-seat stadium, which has riled some fans.

Concerned about the club limiting itself, a large swath of the Everton faithful believe the Blues would have no problems filling 60,000 seats on a regular basis.

Now, while it’s impossible to say whether or not 60,000 seats would fill up on a weekly basis on Merseyside, it IS possible to say Everton can draw 60,000 in Kenya.

According to the Kenyan Star, Moi Stadium in Kasarani has begun preparations to host upwards of 60,000 fans when Everton travel to the African continent during their preseason tour to take on Kariobangi Sharks.

The Sharks won the right to play Everton this season after winning the Sportpesa Shield Cup. Everton’s opponent last season, Gor Mahia, was eleiminated in the quarterfinals, giving the Sharks a chance to play the Premier League side this summer.

Maybe the Toffees will love playing in front of 60 thousand so much the front office will change their minds?

Probably not, but right now this is what it means to be an Everton fan, counting seats in an imaginary stadium.