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5 Telling Stats from Everton’s 5-2 Humiliation at Liverpool

What did the numbers tell us?

Liverpool FC v Everton FC: Premier League Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

It was miserable. But here’s what the stats told us...

Desperate Times

Silva makes first unforced first half sub as Everton boss

After hauling Djibril Sidibe off after 34 minutes with the Blues 3-1 down, Marco Silva was clearly aware that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Never before has the Portuguese made a first half substitution (aside from injuries) for the Blues.

I’m actually a big fan of first half subs from managers in order to keep players on their toes. Ronald Koeman was great at them in the early days.

However, as is typically the case with Silva, this was no pre-emptive move. It was made in pure desperation.

Sluggish starts against the likes of Sheffield United and Norwich are great examples of when these substitutions can be an effective way of sparking the team into action and one would hope the next Everton manager recognises the benefit of such moves.


The captain didn’t touch the ball between the 62nd and 79th minute

Gylfi Sigurdsson has become the target of growing vitriol from Evertonians, with the Icelandic “playmaker” the clearest representation of the Blues’ failed lavish spending.

His price tag has undoubtedly become a burden, but he is all too often a spectator during games.

Indeed, for 17 minutes in the second half (from minutes 62 to 79), he didn’t touch the ball once – and during a period in the game in which the Blues really could have found a way back into it with Liverpool taking their foot of the gas.

9 Losses

…from just 15 games

For Marco Silva’s sake, I hope he isn’t at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Everton’s record has been woeful this season. The Blues are 18th having lost nine out of 15 games – with Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal next up. Evertonians are understandably not happy.

More Shots

Everton had more shots than Liverpool

The trouble is, Liverpool moved the ball much quicker and more effectively than the Blues, meaning the chances they created where much better.

Sadio Mane also missed two late gilt-edged chances for the Reds, while Moise Kean really should have opened his Everton account after going clear through on goal with the score at 2-4.

Speaking of Kean

Everton’s best striker needs to play

After coming on in the 59th minute in place of DCL, Moise Kean looked Everton’s biggest threat. He was constantly looking to make dangerous runs in the behind the Liverpool defence.

Indeed, in the moments after coming on, he showed how effective he can be – bullying two Liverpool players away from the ball (one of them being the mountainous Virgil van Dijk) in order to win the Blues a corner.

Sure, he should have scored, but it was an unfortunate finish rather than a wasteful one. Kean also showed maturity on the ball with an impressive 80% pass accuracy and putting in an accurate cross.

This lad needs to play a lot, lot more football for Everton