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School of Science Radio, Episode 36: Everton a club revitalized

Discussing all the latest Everton topics...

Everton continued to show that they are a side energized by Duncan Ferguson in charge, even though it’s for the interim period.

In this episode of School of Science Radio, Adam, Chris, and Geno discuss how the Blues went to Old Trafford and took the lead, and held on bravely with their depleted squad for most of the game before Manchester United grabbed a late equalizer and a share of the spoils.

Then last night in the quarter final of the Carabao Cup the same threadbare side looked flat and exhausted as Premier League high-flyers Leicester City jumped into a 2-0 lead at halftime, but the Toffees clawed themselves back into the game, including this magnificent late, late equalizer from Leighton Baines. The penlaty shootout proved to be their undoing though.

The crew also preview this weekend’s battle of the interim managers as Freddie Ljungberg brings his stuttering Arsenal side to Goodison Park in a league clash.

They go over what happened between Big Dunc and Moise Kean, and what implications that could have for the youngster’s future.

They also spend some time discussing Carlo Ancelotti, who it appears is very close to signing on the dotted line to take over as Everton manager.

Finally there’s also some time spent on talking about how well the Everton Women are doing this season despite (or in spite of?) having low expectations to begin the year.

You can listen to this episode using the player below (or click here):

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