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From Michigan to Merseyside: An Evertonian’s dream comes true

Photographer Quinn Bezenah was pitchside last weekend, and what a day it turned out to be

An American Everton fan’s dream to photograph a match at Goodison Park became a reality at the weekend – on what was to become a memorable day for the Club as Blues’ hero Duncan Ferguson took charge of his first game as caretaker manager.

Evertonian Quinn Bezenah, from East Lansing, Michigan, was invited by the Club to be pitchside after her plea to fulfill a lifelong ambition to photograph the Toffees at Goodison Park was widely shared on social media.

Quinn, 23, decided to support the Blues after meeting a Season Ticket Member back in 2010 and has been an avid Evertonian ever since.

Little did Quinn know that she would be photographing one of the most memorable matches in the Blues’ recent history as she captured caretaker manager Ferguson’s magnificent 3-1 victory over Chelsea at a bouncing Goodison.

Quinn, a keen amateur photographer, was given access to all areas of Goodison Park, taking a range of photos, from Ferguson and his players arriving at the ground before kick-off, to capturing the Toffees stars walking out onto the pitch with Z-Cars playing and even Big Dunc’s unforgettable celebrations with Everton ball boys after goals from Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison.

Not only did Quinn get the chance to capture Goodison on a matchday but she also received a behind-the-scenes tour and opportunity to photograph other areas of the Club in the week leading up to the Chelsea match including Everton’s headquarters at the Royal Liver Building and training ground at USM Finch Farm.

Reflecting on how the dream day came about, Quinn said:

“I sent a tweet out to the Club last season, saying I would love to come and do some photography at Goodison Park for a game and here I am two seasons later and it’s been worth the wait.

“When I was introduced to the Club I did some research, watched some videos, read up and about a year later I got to come over to a match and just fell in love with being at a game and seeing the supporters’ real love for Everton, which is just incredible and it captured me.”

We chatted briefly with Quinn, first asking her if she was surprised to hear back from the club that long after she had first reached out to the club.

I wasn’t shocked that Everton came through on their offer to bring me over to photograph a match, even after two years. The club is known for doing things like this and they truly are the people’s club.

She went on to add that her experience of the whole week was something she would never forget.

This past weekend was absolutely incredible. I got to spend time during the week getting to know the staff and they were all wonderful to me. I was very thankful to have the opportunity to really see what working for a Premier League club as a photographer is like.

The game day was another great experience. All the work that goes into a game day is something that I don’t think supporters fully understand. Seeing how hard everyone works, in all departments, makes you realize more of how amazing these people that work for the club are. I think that’s the big thing that you realize when you get to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Walking out onto the pitch on game day was surreal. I’ve been on the field at big games in America for work, but hearing Goodison Park roar and sing Duncan Ferguson’s name at full voice is something that I will never forget. Then photographing the second half right in front of the Gwladys Street, indescribable.