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Everton 2-1 Southampton: Instant Reaction | Miracle

That was cool.

Southampton FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Tony McArdle - Everton FC/Everton FC via Getty Images

As you know, Everton are incredibly bad away from home. What you may not have known until today is that Southampton are as bad at home as the Blues are on the road.

A brilliant first half that saw Everton play Southampton off their own pitch in long stretches led to a much tighter second frame, but Djibril Sidibe and Richarlison ultimately combined to give Everton the win.

For a time, it seemed as if we were in for more of the same. Danny Ings equalized from a set piece, and stomachs started to turn. We’d seen it all before. Saints started to really dig in, and it looked like Everton were going to waste another lead, and fold away from home yet again.

Strong performances from Yerry Mina, Mason Holgate, and Tom Davies would keep that from happening, and then another French fullback - Brazilian winger connection (seems to be a trend around here) struck. On the run, falling down, Sidibe hit the cross of his life that met Richarlison wide open at the back post. Richarlison gets buckets, and Marco Silva broke out of his robotic mood on the touchline to celebrate.

It was not a complete performance by any means. It was not even a consistent performance. What it was, though was a road victory at a time when Everton needed it most. And so, Marco Silva lives to fight another day. It’s on to the international break, and then Norwich after that. Something to build on?

We’ll see.