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Silva: I share fans’ frustration and respect that

The Everton manager addresses the growing discord between him and the fanbase

Everton FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The Everton fanbase is as disgruntled as can be once again. Losses to all three newly-promoted sides early on in a season that started with a cupcake schedule will do that.

Manager Marco Silva is likely on the hot seat again , which is nothing new for him considering how topsy-turvy the Toffees have been in the 18 or so months he’s been in charge.

The Blues seem to simply lack identity on the pitch, and on any given day appear to be equally capable of soundly beating a Champions League contender or folding limply to a League One side.

Speaking during his press conference ahead of the trip to Leicester City on Sunday, Silva addressed the growing discord coming towards him from the stands.

“I will not lie to you, it was tough because when me as a manager when you are working in one football club, first of all the job is to improve the club and get them better but also to look at the fans. Everything behind a football club is the fans.

“When they are not happy and they show that with some different reactions, of course it’s not the best for the manager or the players as well. It was not a good moment, I prefer for them to be enjoying what we are doing, but it is what it is.

“As a manager we have to be strong, to understand the reactions even if they are strong or not, to work hard and to give them the performances and results they want to see.

“This is the manager’s job.”

How are the players doing and how did they react to the disappointing performance they put in last weekend?

“Our confidence is not at the top but the players are working really hard to get better and get a result at the weekend.

“I prefer to get them [the players] enjoying what we’re doing. I as a manager have to understand the reactions, work hard, and to give them [the fans] the performance and result they want to see.

“I share all the frustration with the fans and the players. I have to be fair with my players as well, they came here since the first day of this week and they are working really hard to get better and get the result in the next game.”

When pressed about the reaction to the loss last weekend against Norwich City, and how he could improve the relationship with the fans, he continued -

“First, when the fans react for many reasons, first of all if you are a professional you have to understand their reaction. You have to understand and try to understand why.

“After, you take for yourself your conclusions about the situation. It’s what I said after the match. I’m sharing their frustration for sure and after some fans react in one way, the others in another way and you have to respect all of their things.

“They are the same fans that, when we had really good moments, they were very happy.

“It’s their reaction. I respect their reaction, as a manager you always have to respect the reaction of your fans.

“What I can do, and is my job, is to work really hard like I have been since the first day at the club and try to get the results to keep improving our football players. This is my job.

“With good results it’s possible things can change or not. But I’m not 100% sure with you because I’m not the right person to answer to that.”

The only thing to be said here is that as Everton fans, we are in a difficult position. On one hand we would like to voice our concerns regarding the lack of progress and inconsistent performances on the pitch, but at the same time we still remain supporters and will follow this club through thick and thin. If Silva is the manager come Sunday, then we will cheer him and the Blues that line up at the King Power Stadium, that goes without saying, but we want improvement, and we want it now while we’re still in this no-man’s land four points off fifth place and four points off the relegation zone.