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Kean estranged father, agent continue to stir the pot with Everton

The drama continues with this non-issue

Everton Unveil New Signing Moise Kean Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Moise Kean missed a couple of team meetings, he had a conversation with Everton manager Marco Silva who dropped him from the matchday squad for a game at Southampton last weekend. There were no fines, no major repercussions and everyone moves on.

All hunky dory right?

Wrong. Turns out that since Romelu Lukaku has moved on, the mainstream media are missing a meaty bone to gnaw on incessantly during international breaks, so Kean is it for now.

Since Silva revealed earlier this week why Kean was dropped, first his sleazy agent Mino Raiola has weighed in on the transfer of the youngster, and now his father has chimed in too, almost exactly like we’d gotten used to when Lukaku was a Blue.

Consider though that the key protagonist himself here has not said a word about what happened, and neither has he voiced his displeasure a single time regarding the limited playing time he has received since his surprise summer transfer from Juventus, but yet here we are.

Raiola complained that his client was not playing enough and proposed a January transfer window to once-great AC Milan, as they hover right above the relegation zone in Italy. Mind that this report came from Italian football tabloid equivalent Calciomercato, and with no direct quotes from the agent this could well be a figment of a feverish imagination too.

Now it appears the player’s father, speaking to Centro Suono Sport (via Calciomercato again) is insisting that his son return to Italy and go to AS Roma instead.

“Sending my son to England was a mistake because he’s still a young boy, he’s not feeling good at Everton, I didn’t like this transfer. I hope he can get back to Italy right away. I hope Roma are interested, the important thing is that he comes back here.

“At Everton where he plays today, he is not doing well; he had to wait a few years and then try an experience abroad. If there is a possibility of sending him back to Italy, I hope he can come back, so as not to ruin him.

“I did not understand why Juventus sold him; I think it was only for economic reasons. I heard that Sarri didn’t want him after Allegri instead valued him. If my son were to tell me that Rome is interested in him, I would give my blessing to this move.

“I send a message to my son Moise: listen to me well, I am your biological father, return to Italy to play, you will become a great soccer player, come and play in Rome, alongside your dear friend Nicolò Zaniolo. Don’t think about money, but your career.”

That sounds pretty convincing, but here’s a couple of things about Kean’s father you may not have realized. Biorou Jean Kean was the agent of Moise when he first joined the Juve academy, but following his separation from Moise’s mother, the youngster chose to switch to Raiola from his estranged father.

If you remember, when Kean signed with the Toffees, his father was very prominently absent from the event, with Director of Football Marcel Brands even welcoming the teenager and his mother to the People’s Club with a special present for her.

Even more damningly, Moise has previously disowned his father as a money-grubber trying to get rich off his son. The background to that is the senior Kean claimed to have an agreement with Juve that they would pay him ‘two tractors’ in return for his switch to the Italian giants, and that he was never reimbursed for that.

Moise’s response to that in an Instagram story was quite blunt -

“Tractors???! I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I am the man I am today it’s only THANKS TO MY MOTHER and with this I’ve said everything! And don’t ever forget who puts food on your table when your belly is full.”

So Everton fans, while we might all be panicking about the future of our young Italian star, remember that the only comments we’ve heard this week about him leaving the club have come from a greedy super-agent and gold-digging father, and normal service can resume.