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Burnley 1-0 Everton: Losing ways continue heading into the international break

Three Thoughts from Everton's fourth loss in a row

Burnley FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Coleman red card halted slight Everton momentum

Not that Everton had much momentum at any point in this match, but any chance of this game having a positive outcome ended with Seamus Coleman’s red card. The foul that led to Everton’s captain being sent off was a silly one, just like first booking, and the loss of Coleman is not one this team needs right now.

For all of Everton’s issues, and there are many, Coleman has been a bright spot this season. He seems to be single-handedly trying to put the team on his back week after week, willing his team to victory. Djibril Sibide will undoubtedly get the start in the next match against West Ham United and the French international will have the opportunity to prove what he can do in this struggling side.

Another failure on set pieces

I’m sure every person is as tired of hearing about set piece defense as I am of writing about it. Yet week in and week out it remains a glaring issue that has yet to be dealt with. The opportunity was there to turn a poor outcome into a decent one.

Down a man for most of the second half, the ideal scenario for Everton would have been a 0-0 draw. Instead the ineptitude of this team in defending set pieces of any kind cost the team yet another point. Whatever Marco Silva is doing is not working. Whether it means this team needs to move away from zonal marking or practicing these scenarios better in training, something needs to give. What is absolutely unforgivable is that Hendricks had already had a similar chance from a corner in the first half and came close, unconscionable that it was allowed to happen a second time.

The current squad is deeply flawed

It amazes me that every time this team looks set to take a step forward they instead take a massive leap backwards. The expectations were high after another summer of big signings. On paper this is one of the more talented squads Everton have fielded in a number of years. Instead this team is performing worse than ones that had James McCarthy or Aaron Lennon as starters.

Common wisdom would point to the manager as the issue. Despite my personal desires to see things play out a little more, the recent results call for something to change. Whether that involves Marco Silva drastically rethinking the way he sets up this team, or the brain trust overseeing the team taking more drastic steps.

There is massive amounts of talent on this team and it’s about time some one gets the most out of them.