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RBM Roundtable: Thoughts on the Everton manager situation

Silva? Unsworth? Moyes? Mourinho? Arteta? Who else, and why?

Burnley FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There are a number of managers in the Premier League who are finding their seats getting quite warm under them, with Marco Silva, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and Mauricio Pochettino among them.

The Everton boss saw his side slump to a fourth straight loss in the Premier League just before the international break, and will no doubt be stewing during this fortnight about how to fix the issues with his zonal marking set-piece defence as well as creating (and scoring) more on the other end of the pitch.

The crew here at Royal Blue Mersey put their heads together to come up with some comments on Silva, and a number of bookie favourites for who will replace him, as well as some thoughts on what the Blues should do.

Matthew -

Marco Silva - Had enough chances, time’s up
David Unsworth - Interim maybe, permanent not yet
David Moyes - Interim maybe, permanent never
Chris Wilder - Likeable but never happening
Jose Mourinho - Heart says yes, head says no
Mikel Arteta - Interesting but a huge risk
Erik Ten Hag - Another Dutch manager in the Premier League? Are we sure?
Rafa Benitez - Simply no - would be too divisive
Eddie Howe - Not perfect but one of the more logical options

Silva should have gone after Burnley, and I wouldn’t read much into Silva reportedly being given 3 more games at least - Ronald Koeman got a similar vote of confidence shortly before he was sacked.

Zach -

Marco Silva - Should be kept for now.
David Unsworth - Not again.
David Moyes - Not the manger he used to be.
Chris Wilder - Really clever guy, but would be hard to get mid-season.
Jose Mourinho - LukeSkywalkerNOOOOOO.gif
Mikel Arteta - Deserves a more stable situation for his first gig.
Erik Ten Hag - Maybe he could bring Ziyech with him.
Rafa Benitez - Never gonna happen.
Eddie Howe - See Chris Wilder

Our best options will be really hard to draw away midseason. Stick with Silva and see how the season turns out. If things are still bad at year’s end act quickly and get a young promising manager.

Pete -

Marco Silva - The foundations are there. Give him time.
David Unsworth - Won’t take us to the next level.
David Moyes - Remember the good old days... no.
Chris Wilder - Curveball.
Jose Mourinho - Blind ambition.
Mikel Arteta - Guardiola’s good isn’t he?
Erik Ten Hag - Flavour of the month.
Rafa Benitez - /Grimace/
Eddie Howe - Martinez and Silva too fresh in the memory. One day...

Are these new Everton problems? No. Has sacking manager after manager helped? No. It’s bad right now but he’s shown promise. We played Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United off the park less than six months ago. Give him his three years (barring a legitimate relegation concern).

Soccer - Everton FC End of Season Awards - ACC Liverpool
Does Everton’s future lie in the recent past?
Photo by Joe Giddens - PA Images via Getty Images

Tom -

Marco Silva – Beyond the point of no return
David Unsworth – Still not ready
David Moyes – Had his time
Chris Wilder – Flavour of the month
Jose Mourinho – Never gonna happen
Mikel Arteta – Romantic choice, but risky
Erik Ten Hag – Right philosophy – but enough experience?
Rafa Benitez – Intriguing, but too divisive
Eddie Howe – Too many doubts

With the team continuing to make the same mistakes as last year and Marco Silva showing little evidence of being willing to change, learn or adapt, I fear his days as manager are numbered. But if a change is made the club need to be decisive and avoid a repeat of 2017. Frustratingly, none of the names mentioned as possible replacements really inspire me and show little imagination, which may grant Silva a stay of execution until the summer, where a clear contender may hopefully emerge.

Adam -

Marco Silva - Dead man walking
David Unsworth - Allergic to tactics
David Moyes - Stop. Please stop. Don’t do this.
Chris Wilder - Have you ever actually watched Sheffield United?
Jose Mourinho - I will renounce Everton on the spot.
Mikel Arteta - Can he bring Tim Cahill with him?
Erik Ten Hag - Better off staying at Ajax
Rafa Benitez - No snarky remarks here -- I’m here for it.
Eddie Howe - Just David Moyes with more interesting tactics
David Wagner - If only we could poach him from Schalke 04...

I’d love to see Wagner come to Everton, but I just don’t think he’ll walk away from the Schalke project so quickly, especially after the start they’ve gotten off to this season. Benitez and Arteta are interesting candidates that I’d probably be open to. Though, if Silva doesn’t at least turn things around in part over the course of the next month, I might end up being a lot more open to the rest of this group.

Patrick -

Marco Silva - Lose against Watford and he’s a goner
David Unsworth - Deserves another shot
David Moyes - Shouldn’t be top priority, but I’m open to the idea
Chris Wilder - Have to see more first
Jose Mourinho - Would love this, but don’t know if he would
Mikel Arteta - Somewhere down the line, but not now
Erik Ten Hag - Could see him getting along with Marcel
Rafa Benitez - Pass
Eddie Howe - Decent, but don’t think it’d be the right move

I think this international break came at a good time for Silva and the club. Here’s hoping for strong showings against West Ham and Brighton. However, if Everton fall to Watford in the Cup, Silva should get the boot. I hope Silva realizes it’s time to switch things up a bit and play more attacking-minded football with different tactics, players, and formations. The Cup match aside, these are worrying times as Everton currently sit in the relegation zone. I think it’s time for Silva to go, but for now, I’ll keep the faith (and hopefully the players will, too).

Calvin -

Marco Silva - Dead man walking
David Unsworth - Not the solution
David Moyes - Why are we doing this?
Chris Wilder - Innovative but Everton too big a project
Jose Mourinho - Toxic toxic toxic
Mikel Arteta - Is Luke Skywalker ready?
Erik Ten Hag - Big enough body of work?
Rafa Benitez - Oh the Derby fun we could have
Eddie Howe - No idea how to play defence

I don’t see any option but to keep Silva until the end of the season unfortunately, Meanwhile Brands has to keep thinking about where he wants to lead the club, and I have no clue who he has in mind.