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Silva dismisses Allardyce’s insignificant babbling

Blues current manager not a fan of former manager’s opinions

Everton FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Marco Silva has not been a fan of Sam Allardyce for a long time now, stretching back to before Big Sam became the Everton manager midway through last season. Now Allardyce has been talking about the Blues again while in his punditry role and Silva cares even less about his thoughts.

Speaking to talkSPORT over the weekend, the one-game England manager said -

“You can talk about playing it out from the back and attractive football, but you will never survive, as Ronald Koeman and Roberto Martinez learned. They all played so-called better football than me, but they didn’t survive.”

However, during his post-match comments after Everton hung on to beat Lincoln Town on Saturday in the FA Cup Third Round, Silva was in no mood to entertain Allardyce’s opinions or his nefarious agenda -

“It is really, really important that we progress in the FA Cup, not because people are criticising, but because we know what the fans want.

“We as a club, first we can talk about the FA Cup and how important it is for the club and for me, and we can talk about what people are saying or not.

“One thing, you have to look at whether these people they love Everton, if they want Everton really winning, if they want some stability inside the club, ok if there are real Everton fans talking like that, then maybe we have to be aware and to look at it.

“But if some people don’t want good results, just instability within our club, they are not worth listening to.

“We have to look for what is important for us as a club. This club needs stability, our players need some stability, confidence, our fans also need that too. We have to be aware, and look for what is important for us as a club.

“And what is important for us as a club is what is happening inside. And to be aware if the people love the club – this is the most important. Don’t be aware of what people say if they have another agenda. This is the main thing for me.

“And believe me, I didn’t read, don’t know and it is not important for me (what Allardyce said). Ok he is one colleague, one coach as well, but I don’t know what he is saying and it really is not important.

“Ok, maybe if it is David Moyes maybe I would listen because he did something really important at this club. But in this case it is not important at all.”

Quite how any self-respecting media organization feels it necessary to pay Allardyce for his opinions continues to befuddle Everton fans who saw how out of touch with reality the manager was when in charge for half a season at Goodison Park.

Clearly Silva has gotten it right paying no heed to Allardyce, which could be twice as effective as we await the next round of blubbering and blathering that will no doubt follow this latest outburst.