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Marco Silva stands by club transfer policy

Manager understands why no one is being signed.

Millwall v Everton - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

According to a local media report, Marco Silva understands why Everton is not making any transfers this January. He insists that he is not frustrated and that a lack of signings is no excuse for performances on the pitch.

I understand your question and maybe if you were here talking to a different manager it would be easy for him to find excuses. I’m not this type of coach. When I’m here I am really involved with the club working with everyone. They know what my ideas are. They know what I want to do in our squad. They already know and of course if it is not possible now, let’s try in the summer.

For all the questions we all probably have about Marco Silva and his ideas at the moment, it seems to be an encouraging level of self awareness from the manager that he knows he needs to show something with his current squad before he is trusted with new signings.

The public line from Moshiri seems to be that he wants to clear out mistakes of the last regime before he brings in new names. While I am sure that’s true, I also believe that if we had distance between ourselves and the non-top six clubs, and on the heals of Manchester United, Moshiri would be happy to invest in the club this January.

The game against Huddersfield Town today is massive. They are in dead last, they will not be playing top flight football next year, and instead of being able to come into this fixture confident and assured I am certain most Toffee fans are deeply concerned about our ability to get the win we need.

I wish Moshiri’s willingness to spend openly was not wasted on Ronald Koeman, but as the club sits on the brink of real crisis, it is up to the manager and the men already in the dressing room to find a solution. Help isn’t coming from transfers, and they all know it.