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Silva bemoans Everton inconsistency

Manager’s comments after another poor loss

Southampton FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Everton slipped to their ninth defeat of the season, surrendering tamely 2-1 to Southampton at St, Mary’s Stadium today. The Blues looked so poor in the first half especially they made the Saints look like a top ten contender instead of a side hovering at the relegation zone.

Speaking after the game to BBC’s Match of the Day, manager Marco Silva was unhappy with the effort put forth by his side -

“Always when you don’t win a match and keep the good work it is disappointing. They deserved the three points, we had a big chance but they deserved it, you are playing against teams fighting really hard to leave the danger zone.

“I have already spoken to the players and given feedback. It is something for us to speak about more inside, they were more aggressive than us. We have to be in a good balance and be more aggressive, most of their chances came from when we lost the ball.

“Inconsistency is something we are working on, we are trying to find it (consistency), now points will be more and more difficult to get as the clubs are fighting really hard, and we have to do the same.”

Earlier Silva had also commented on the perceived lack of activity on the transfer market.

“Even to stop the speculation, I said that the feedback from our board is that we don’t have the conditions to go into the market.”

It looks like Silva’s solutions for this team’s woes are going to have to have to come from within, and soon.