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Tom Davies is a fashion icon

What’s Tom Wearin’?

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Bury v Everton - Pre-Season Friendly
Fashion Icon
Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

After five games, it’s international break time and Tom Davies is with the England U21s in the Under-21 Euro Qualifiers against Netherlands and Latvia.

With Morgan Schneiderlin out due to injury, Davies has been getting more game time and even became the youngest ever Everton captain in the Carabao Cup game against Rotherham United. We can debate his performances on the pitch all we want, but no one can argue his dominance in one key department: his fashion sense.

There’s no denial that Tom Davies is a fashion icon. For evidence, look no further than his Instagram page:

2016/2017 Dixies Awards, Bathroom

As you take a gander at this photo, please play “Good Times Roll” by The Cars:

“Let them leave you up in the air/ Let them brush your rock and roll hair/ Let the good times roll”

Fresh off a smashing debut year that included an exciting goal against Manchester City, Tom Davies won three awards at the Dixies: Young Player of the Season, Individual Performance of the Season and Goal of the Season. During a quiet moment at the Dixies, here we see him finally get the chance to reflect. His suit is made from plush velvet and his posture exudes cool confidence. His hair is so golden and shiny, I am left weeping.

2017/2018 Dixies Awards, Bathroom

As you take a gander at this photo, please play “It’s Still Rock N Roll to Me” by Billy Joel:

What’s the matter with the clothes I’m wearing?/ Can’t you tell that your tie’s too wide?/ Maybe I should buy some old tab collars?/ Welcome back to the age of jive.

Who can’t relate to this? After a year on the job, reality sets in. Your eyesight starts to go and it’s time to finally get those glasses! Older but wiser. It was a season that Tom has admitted was “tough” and a “bumpy ride.” Davies seems to be tugging on his jacket as a way to talk himself into going the hell back out there to watch Jordan Pickford win three Dixies. Well, there may have been a new blonde kid on the team winning all the awards, but that didn’t mean Tom couldn’t outdress him!

2018/2019 Dixies Awards, Bathroom: To Be Determined

What will the Instagram Dixies Awards bathroom post after the 2018/2019 season look like and what will Tom’s theme song be? Hopefully the sophomore slump will be a distant memory and we will have witnessed a balanced, dynamic player who thrived under Marco Silva’s tutelage. Having been given the distinction of becoming the youngest Everton captained ever, we can’t help but predict a shorts suit, much like team leader LeBron James. After all, Tom is not afraid of a higher hem line:

(Perhaps to show off his short sock style, as he displays on the pitch.)

It takes a true fashion icon to really rock the denim jacket, and young Tom has that nailed on. He pairs that with a black cable-knit turtleneck here to complete the killer look.

Whatever it’ll be, it most certainly can’t top this, a striped turtleneck, perhaps borrowed from the closet of his famous Evertonian uncle Alan Whittle:

Icon status has been cemented.

Now, here’s to a great season and some bold new looks from the Academy graduate!