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Richarlison backs his fellow countryman

Brazilian expects big things from Bernard

Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Very few feelings can match getting something “on the cheap” and it turning out to be so much better then you thought it would be. For me it usually occurs in the wine aisle of my local store. I see a bottle marked down to $5 AUSD, then proceed to stare at it for minutes on end trying to convince myself to buy it knowing it has an 80% chance of making me cry with disappointment. I buy it, take it home and on the rare occasion it turns out to be a pure delight, or I cry.

Now Everton is not Adam Dyson and therefore doesn’t search for a bargain or two in the supermarket, it searches for a bargain within the confines of the transfer window which brings me to my point. BERNARD WAS FREE.

Let’s just think on that for a minute. The dynamic 26 year old Brazilian, who has appeared 14 times for Seleção, joined us as a Free Agent. We didn’t throw Davy Klaassen money at his previous club or try to pay off the greedy Hornets with 40 million, he joined with no fee attached. That is what you call a bargain.

Though we have only seen Bernard twice this season, we have already been given the chance to see his mastery of the ball which Everton would be foolish not to utilise on a regular basis.

As a tactical substitute late into the first half against West Ham he was able to use his speed, toughness and creativity to provide a direct challenge to the Hammers which culminated in his involvement during Everton’s lone goal late in the first half.

Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

As one of the only bright spots in what was largely a disastrous outing for the Blues, it’s only natural that his performance was noticed by more then just this guy. Amongst those who did was his fellow countryman, Richarlison. Speaking through Everton’s official website the winger was full of praise calling Bernard “a joy to watch”. He would go on to explain that what we have seen is only a small portion of what is to come.

“Bernard is an agile player. He is really fast and scores a lot of goals,

“With his speed, he gets behind players and is a danger in the box. His ability pushes opponents back and causes them problems.

“He is highly thought of in Brazil. He is known as Joyful Legs, so he is the type of player who will bring joy to the Everton fans.

“He will be popular here and, hopefully, have a great season and be a big influence on Everton.”

Note that I will be referring to Bernard as “Joyful Legs” from this point on.

Joyful Legs also comes with a few championships under his belt after five very successful years with Shakhtar Donetsk of the Ukrainian Premier League which Richarlison was quick to point out.

“He has come from a great time at Shakhtar and here will not be any different for him in playing for a big club with high expectations,

“He showed in Ukraine what we knew in Brazil, that he is a very skilful attacker but also a player who puts the team first.”

In the end, Richarlison and from his point of view, Brazil itself know what most of us are starting to learn, the fact that Joyful Legs is “an excellent player who will help the team”. I personally look forward to seeing more of him during the weeks to come.