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Gomes comments about Silva after loan deal announced

Midfielder adds some quality depth to the squad

Everton v Lille - Algarve Cup Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Everton manager Marco Silva has been a big reason why a number of transfers this summer have gone through. Today his countryman and Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes became the latest.

Speaking after signing on with the Blues on a year-long loan, Gomes said -

“I’m delighted to sign for this fantastic club - it’s a good day for me. Everton always was a big option for me, especially after speaking with the coach, Marco Silva. Every discussion we’ve had was very important in making me feel his confidence about my game.

“Everybody in Portugal knows how Marco Silva works and his abilities as a coach. For me, it was really good to speak to him because I know how good he is and I feel motivated to work with him and to play for Everton, a great club.”

There’s been no official confirmation if there is a permanent buyout clause in the loan deal, but you can assume that will be revealed in the coming days.