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Everton Season Preview: Fantasy Players

A look at who to buy and who to avoid in fantasy football

Players to buy

Richarlison - £6.5

Everton’s most expensive off-season addition appears to be the most promising for fantasy purposes. With five goals, eight assists and eight clean sheets, Richarlison is far and away the best out-field option that Everton can offer. Once again reunited with Marco Silva, expect Richarlison to feature heavily for Everton and be a centerpiece of their attack.

However, it would be unwise to make him a centerpiece of your team’s line-up, but if anyone is in need of a cheaper option to round out a midfield, he would be a solid option.

Cenk Tosun - £7.0

Like Richarlison, Cenk Tosun falls into the value for price category. At £7.0 he is in the unpredictable middle-range of Premier League strikers. He will not score with the clinical efficiency of Harry Kane, but at this price he isn’t expected to. What you can likely expect from Tosun is double-digit goals and a few assists. This makes him a perfect choice as a second or third striker option to go alongside high-priced options.

Gylfi Sigurdsson - £7.5

This selection is very much a feast or famine one. A player like Sigurdsson can have a good match and help his team, but not get any counting stats. But he could also be a massive bargain if he puts up numbers like we saw two years ago with Swansea. As the primary set-piece taker for Everton, he is in a prime position to rack up goals and assists.

He, like many players on this squad offer a low-risk, high-reward potential. Should this team play like they did last year, then not much money was invested and they can be swapped out for a more productive player. But should they perform like many had hoped, then you have a bargain on your hands.

Players to avoid

Seamus Coleman - £5.5

A good attacking fullback can be the key to a solid fantasy back line. The combination of clean sheet points mixed with high value goals and assists can provide a massive amount of points. However many of those positives can be negated when a team struggles to defend. Since defensive players are penalized for conceded goals as a unit, Coleman’s offensive gains can be very easily negated out by a bad performance by his fellow defenders.

Jordan Pickford - £5.0

It would not be surprising to see Jordan Pickford be a popular choice for goalkeeper in Fantasy Premier League this season. He’s fresh off of a great performance at the World Cup and had the 6th highest fantasy points out of any goalkeeper last season. The issue with Pickford comes not from his potential but from the lack thereof in the players in front of him. As things currently stand, Everton have not improved upon their horrid back line from last season. This will seriously cut down on clean sheets for Pickford and thus lessen his points potential.

Lucas Digne - £5.0

Adding Everton’s young and talented new left back to your squad for such a cheap price may seem attractive, but at best he is a wait and see type prospect. I don’t doubt that on the field he will be an improvement over Leighton Baines, but it remains to be seen if his stats will help your fantasy team. The last season Digne played consistently, 2016/17 for AS Roma, he ended the season with three goals and three assists. That’s not terrible by any means, but when you look at the other options available around the league, it doesn’t exactly stand out. Add in the aforementioned defensive growing pains that Everton will likely experience and it makes him an option worth missing.