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Former Everton player tabs Martinez to replace Mourinho

This is really, really funny.

Everton v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho’s third season syndrome is reaching a fever pitch of mindless temper tantrums and the usual utter refusal to accept even the slightest bit of blame for anything.

Despite having one of the most expensive squads in all of Europe, it is apparently not his fault that his team can’t beat Brighton and in his mind it was a general lack of signings this past summer that is the root cause of his team’s inability to keep up with a Tottenham team that finished beneath them in the table last year and then literally did not sign anyone.

After awkwardly clapping for a couple minutes at a half empty Stretford End, Mourinho then went on to point out in the presser that he has three Premier League titles and that this apparently entitles him to more ‘respect’, just like he always showed respect to Arsene Wenger who had the same number (“specialist in failure” comes to mind).

As the vultures circle and Mourinho’s job status is increasingly under fire, names like Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte circulate as potential replacements. Pundit Andy Gray, however, gave us a very interesting name: former Everton manager Roberto Martinez.

My favorite part of this video is the utter silence from his fellow pundits after he says it. Now, I think Roberto Martinez is a pretty good manager. He has done a good job with the Belgian national team and his time at Everton was at least decent for a little while before the wheels came off...but I think it’s quite a commentary on what Andy Gray considers to be the current state of Manchester United that he would even suggest it.

When Mourinho is finally gone and the oddsmakers are taking bets for his replacement, I certainly would not suggest putting any more than loose change on ol’ Bobby Martinez, but the suggestion was at least good for a laugh.