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Everton Should Take the EFL Cup VERY Seriously This Season. Here’s Why…

This is the one trophy the Toffees have never won, but there’s more to it than that.

Everton v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

As we’re constantly reminded by the other lot from across the park, it’s been 23 years since Everton last held a piece of silverware aloft.

Not since 1939 to 1963 have Everton gone through such a drought. And that was largely because of the war.

And while the late nineties and early noughties were all about self-preservation for the Blues, since the early David Moyes days and that unlikely fourth place finish, Everton have generally been on the cusp of achieving something or winning something… before ultimately failing.

With Marco Silva now at the helm, optimism has been restored after a dreadful 12 months on the field for the Blues - just when we felt like we were about to kick on. It’s all been so very Everton.

But we need to make a statement.

Not by signing a has-been world class player.

Not by overspending on mediocre players.

But by winning a trophy. A trip to Wembley that doesn’t end in frustration.

This drought needs to end... now.

And the League Cup (or Copacabana Cup or whatever it’s currently called) is Everton’s best chance of doing that.

Few would argue that Everton are the “best of the rest” in the Premier League currently. We’re team seven, far and away. Even our disastrous season last term only saw us drop down to eighth.

Is that something to be proud of? Absolutely not. But last season’s turmoil could actually help us end this godforsaken drought.

We’re the best team in England that’s not currently playing European football.

When you’ve got European duties to contend with, the League Cup is nothing but a nuisance. And any side competing on the continent treat it as nothing more than a reserve game – which is completely understandable. We did the same last season.

But that gives Everton the advantage this year. We can play our best players (while mixing in a few players who deserve a chance, of course). We have strength in depth and at least two decent players in every position – something I don’t remember seeing during my 20+ years as an Evertonian.

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this competition.

When Chelsea came into the Abramovich billions, what was the first trophy they won? The League Cup. A few months later they won their first league title in 50 years.

When Manchester City got their money, guess what they won first? The League Cup. A year later they won their first league title in 45 years.

We need to develop a winning mentality. A mentality throughout the club that expects to win. A mentality that stops the fans thinking “How are we going to Everton this?” and instead start thinking “We can do this, y’know”.

You build a winning mentality by winning football matches and, especially, trophies.

And that starts with Seamus Coleman lifting the League Cup above his head on the 24th of February 2019 at Wembley Stadium.