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Everton reveal new third strip ahead of Bournemouth trip

New kit had already been seen on sale ahead of official announcement

Everton third kit released
Everton FC

Everton have officially launched their new 2018-19 third kit - though most Evertonians are familiar with its design.

Keeping kit designs secret is always difficult in this age of social media, where a covert photograph in a factory can be spread across the world in minutes.

The first images of the kit were leaked in July:

Then is seemed the kits were not only genuine - but also on sale. First in Hong Kong:

Then in Florida:

The pink and black away kit was launched a few days later, confirming they were the genuine designs. It seems KitBag have jumped the gun with their distribution by more than a month, whoops.

Now Toffees fans everywhere can get their hands on the new kit and see the players wear it for the first time against Bournemouth tomorrow.

The predominantly white shirt with light blue design on the front is said to have been inspired by Prince Rupert’s Tower, which of course features on the Everton crest.

The club say the design for all three strips this season comes after extensive fan consultation.

What’s your thoughts on the third kit? Let us know in the comments!