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Toffees Mailbag - featuring Mina, Richarlison, Schneiderlin, Lookman and Dowell

A seriously light-hearted look at all things Everton.

It’s nice to be proud of Everton again.

For the first time in a long time I am genuinely excited about the upcoming match.

Not because I am entirely certain we will win (I’m not), but because I know our manager will have a reasonable and comprehensible plan for the upcoming match.

Marco Silva has shown that not only does he have hit wits about him, but he has the unwavering support of his team who are EXCITED about training hard.

Sure, the news isn’t all great.

However, with young players ready to step up and veterans looking to be in much better form than the past few season, there are plenty of reasons to get excited like this guy:

So let’s not waste anymore of your time and jump on into your questions!!!

Speaking of Silva’s worth:

RB Leipzig has not been quiet about their desire to sign Ademola Lookman, and it appears their pursuit is going to continue until the German window closes on September 1st.

As for the 35 million pound bid, the reports currently have RB offering about 22 right now.

However, I would argue that should the German side up their bid to 25 million Everton should pull the trigger.

Lookman has shown flashes of talent, but is not in any way shape or form a guaranteed success in the Premier League.

Turning a cool 15 million pound profit off a player with some sub appearances and a smattering of starts.

Should his attitude be as toxic as some claim it is, then NOT taking the money would be a poor business choice.

The question I am more interested to answer:

If Lookman ISN’T sold, how quickly can SIlva get the young winger back to a mental state where he can display the many talents he has.

If he can get him back on track at all.

This is basically me when Richarlison receives the ball.

The reemergence of Morgan Schneiderlin has been one of the more pleasurable under-the-radar stories of the young Toffees season,

The much maligned midfielder had a tough go of it last season, and many people questioned whether or not the French midfielder would even be around for the Marco Silva era, much less be the lynch pin of a rejuvenated side.

From his tackling to his distribution, Schneiderlin has looked a lot like the player Toffees fans were so excited about when he signed from Manchester United in 2017.

That is why it was all the more worrisome when Morgan went down with an apparent hamstring injury in the first half last weekend against Southampton.

Marco Silva adjusted by bringing on Tom Davies playing Idrissa Gana Gueye in the deeper role left vacant by Schneiderlin’s departure.

Gueye is NOT a true number 6 though, and the rumors Everton was looking to pick up anyone they could to give Silva options in that position made fans nervous about the extent of Shcnedierlin’s injury.

Luckily for Everton fans, Marco Silva’s update yesterday at his press conference was good news when it came to the midfielder’s hamstring.

Schneiderlin is expected back in training next week and should be at least available for selection for the bench next weekend.

His continued quality performances are IMPERATIVE for Everton to continue to be successful in their pursuit of a trophy and a Top 6 finish.

I think MS has found a bit of swagger about himself and is a player who desperately needs confidence to perform.

Hopefully the team continue to provide that to him and he is the force the Toffees need him to be to make our dreams come true.

I’ll be honest, I am an English speaker who is conversational in German so my critiques on pronunciation are almost non-existent.

However, I will say that like you I have noticed that a number of announcers seem to be linguistically lazy when it comes to pronunciation of certain players names.

First off, these guys get paid to recite names, but it feels as though there seems to be an acceptance of the ‘at least you tried’ standard among US announcers.

I could go on and on about how horrific, and culturally tone deaf, Fox Soccer’s coverage of the World Cup was, but I’ll assume all of my readers watched and are well aware of how poorly Fox did this summer.

I am a HUGE fan of NBC’s studio coverage, partly due to the respect the commentators show for players and their backgrounds, which makes the fumbling and bumbling by some of the play-by-play announcers all the more puzzling and frustrating.

Maybe some Rosetta Stone?

Keiran Dowell might be the young Everton player I am MOST excited about in the long term. He has the physical and technical tools to be a successful Premier League player.

He had a successful loan spell last year Nottingham Forest, and this year there have been a lot of varying opinions on whether or not the young attacking midfielder should go back on loan.

My opinion: he should stay.

While it would seem the midfield is crowded, the reality is that Gylfi Sigurdsson and Dowell represent the only true #10’s on the Toffees roster.

Gomes is a deep lying ball winner a la Morgan Schneiderlin, so he won’t be direct competition for the young midfielder, though I won’t deny there can be some level of the domino effect in pushing Idrissa Gana Gueye and Tom Davies more forward.

Bernard, on the other hand, is much more likely to play wide and tuck in to allow overlapping runs, but due to his physical stature most likely won’t be trusted to help hold down the midfield as the Premier League is a who different world compared to almost every other league in the world.

So the question then is if Dowell can find enough minutes rotating with Gylfi Sigurdsson to make sticking around worth it.

I think Dowell can, though without Europe the Toffees will admittedly need to make decent inroads into a few Cup competitions to get the number of matches necessary to require consistent rotation.

The best part of this scenario is that should things not work out for Dowell and he is only afforded a handful of opportunities to play, Silva can send him out on loan in the second half of the season and the whole season won’t be lost.

Though I’ve often been told:


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