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Brands’ long-term strategy for Everton convinced Moshiri

Director of Football has been talking to the media about the summer transfer window

Everton v Valencia - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Yesterday was media day for Everton Director of Football Marcel Brands, who spoke at length on a number of topics with a number of outlets. We’ve covered various conversations regarding the transfer window elsewhere on the site, but this snippet here from the Daily Star piques our interest.

Here the Dutchman speaks about his appointment to the Blues at the beginning of the summer, and he starts by highlighting to majority stakeholder Farhad Moshiri that he’s only here for the long haul.

“When I spoke with him (Moshiri) before I came in, I told him that if you want success next year don’t look for me because I cannot bring that.

“You saw in the past in the Premier League that if you only spend money, that is not the guarantee for success.

“You see the clubs with the long-term strategy. They are in a stable situation. Look at Tottenham, look at Manchester City.

“I think that it is important for Everton to get to a stable situation. With all the changes, it is always difficult for everyone.”

Everton learned that only too well last season after spending heavily following the appointment of Steve Walsh as Director of Football. As the days go by and we watch Brands in action it’s more and more apparent that Walsh was in way over his head in the role.

Brands has already stated the importance of having a successful youth system for any top club, and now with the summer transfer window closed he is turning his focus towards the Everton Academy which has won multiple titles in the past few years, but is yet to produce a true world-class player for the senior side.

“First my focus was only on the transfer window, to make a good squad for the new season. But from September 1, I will be focusing on the youth.

“I saw the last two games of the Under-23s at Chelsea and in Manchester. That is also an important thing. I will go down to the young ages, the Under-16s and Under-15s also.

“We have a lot of work to do at this fantastic club.”

Despite the long-term strategy that he is looking to implement, Brands is not necessarily sacrificing the current season for it either.

“I think we have improved the squad. That was the goal. We have balanced it more. We have got it at a better average age - all positive things.

“The negative thing is that it happened quite late. Normally in pre-season, you have to prepare your squad that starts now. So I hope we will not lose to many points in this period.

“If we can have a good start, we can have a very good season. We will see at the end. We have improved the squad and that was the goal.

“Marco is very happy with the squad. We have changed the way of playing and, ok, that also takes some time. You saw that with the results in pre-season. But the players like the way they play now.

“At the end, I think not the best players will win the league but the best team. I am not saying that we can win the league but if we can make a good team from this squad, we can have a very good season.”

We’re with you every step of the way Mr. Brands.