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Everton Ladies Lost More Players Than They Gained During the Transfer Window

While the men’s team was busy, the women’s team had no surprise announcements

Everton Ladies

How did the Blue Women fare this summer? Let’s take a look:

Transfer Moves for Everton Ladies this Summer:

Players Gained

  • Dominique Bruinenberg – Sunderland to Everton
  • Inessa Kaagman – Ajax to Everton
  • Hannah Cain – Sheffield FC to Everton
  • Abbey-Leigh Stringer – Birmingham City to Everton

Players Lost

  • Lizzie Durack – Everton to Chelsea
  • Marthe Munsterman – Everton to Ajax
  • Jodie Brett – Everton to Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Mollie Green – Everton to Manchester United
  • Courtney Sweetman-Kirk – Everton to Liverpool

Everton gained 3 midfielders and a striker but lost their starting goalie, a star striker, and 3 midfielders. The best signing of the summer might be Stringer because Birmingham finished in fifth place last WSL season and she is 6’0” but it’s hard to say for sure due to the lack of statistics in women’s club football in England.

The transfer deadline was August 9th and while the Everton men went into beast mode on that day, the women’s team gained zero new players.

Disappointingly, the squad still only has one goalie, having lost Lizzie Durack to Chelsea all the way back on June 8th.

Cue Seinfeld voice, “What’s the deal with Everton Ladies having only one goalie?”

Manager Andy Spence has been trying out a new formation, with three in the back instead of four, but maybe now’s not the time? They need to protect keeper Kirstie Levell at all costs because she’s their one and only number one.