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Getting to know Everton’s on-loan midfielder Andre Gomes

Barcelona player has been conducting an AMA on Instagram

Andre Gomes after signing for Everton
Everton FC

Of the four players Everton signed on Deadline Day, so far it’s on-loan midfielder Andre Gomes of Barcelona who seems to have made the biggest impression with his interactions with the supporters.

Gomes is currently at least three weeks away from seeing the pitch as he recovers from a minor hamstring ailment picked up during preseason training.

The 25-year-old, who speaks three languages, is very active on his Instagram account, and earlier today was conducting a Q&A in the Reddit AMA (ask me anything) format, answering fans’ questions.

Here’s a selection of some of the questions he answered:

Starting off with a joke, nice! He has a sense of humour!

It appears he’s ‘old school’ at heart, being a bigger fan of the original Ronaldo instead of Cristiano Ronaldo, who he came up against during the El Clasico derbies in Spain.

There’s a bit of marketing thrown in there, and oh boy, can’t say the Lay’s vs Pringles battle ever got definitively resolved in one direction or the other.

Here he is celebrating winning the 2016 European Championship with Portugal after they beat France in the final.