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Jagielka defends ‘good attempt to get the ball’

Captain speaks out on social media about the tackle that got him sent off

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Yesterday’s Everton game at Wolves seemed to turn on a decision late in the first half when referee Craig Pawson chose to brandish a straight red card at Phil Jagielka following a poor tackle .

For those that didn’t watch the incident, Jagielka had a bad first touch that allowed the ball to get away from his close proximity. Diogo Jota came steaming in to pressure the defender, and Jagielka slid in to clear the ball away. He got to the ball a split-second before the forward, deflecting it away, but Jota was committed too and Jags’ studs contacted the player’s ankle at full speed in the followthrough.

As Marco Silva remonstrated with the fourth official on the sidelines, the official statement was that the red card was for ‘clear denial of a goalscoring opportunity’, which was odd considering Jagielka had gotten to the ball first and changed its trajectory away from the incoming player. Much later after the game, the broadcast team seemed to indicate that the verdict had been changed to one for dangerous play, which is normal for a reckless tackle with studs showing, but not quite what this situation appeared to be.

Earlier today, Jagielka posted some comments on his Instagram, explaining his perspective on the tackle.

“Well done boys for a battling performance! Congrats to @richarlison for ⚽️⚽️ on your debut . As for me I had a bad touch then tried to make up for it with a honest strong tackle, in my eyes I made a good attempt to get the ball (which i did) and I also can see I got player after. Gutted to be sent off but proud of the performance of the boys! COYB”

Manager Marco Silva was incensed in the aftermath of the game that the Blues had their chances to win even a man down.

“No no no. It was no foul. Looks like no foul, no foul. Then why is it a red card? It’s not a foul, it’s not a red card. Not yellow, not red card.

“Until the red card, they did not have one chance to score, that’s the truth. It was a harsh, harsh decision. Looks like no fault, was no foul, and of course not a red card. Not really a right decision by the ref at that moment.”

This change in ruling will make a big difference and we can expect the club to appeal it as it would mean Jagielka’ first ever straight red card will result in a three-game suspension, not just one.