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Everton Ladies Sign a New Midfielder

And other news about the Blue Girls

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Dominique Bruinenberg
Everton Ladies Fans

The Toffees have brought on yet another Dutchwoman to the squad, a midfielder named Dominique Bruinenberg.

She will be joining two other Everton teammates from Netherlands, Inessa Kaagman and Siri Worm.

She spoke to about feeling at home in her new team already:

“I played with Siri in the Holland Under-19s squad and I know Inessa from playing in the league back home.”

Bruinenberg played for Sunderland Ladies where she scored five goals in 25 games.

Even though Sunderland finished two spots above Everton at 7th place last season, she considers the move a step up:

“I am really happy to be here. For me, it is a step higher after last season and I am really excited to be at Everton.”

But she knows the team is still in development, having only rejoined the WSL1 last season:

“The Club is still building. It is a young squad but the way they have started since coming up to WSL 1, there is lots to gain. Everton competed really well with all of the sides in the league last season. I think it can only get better for us.”

“I am very excited to be here now and play my part in that.”

Here’s what she believes her strengths are:

“I would say I am a technically strong player. I am able to play those passes that put a teammate one-on-one with the goalkeeper. I can score some goals myself so hopefully I can add that value to the team.”

Welcome to the club, Dominique!

Everton Ladies Roundup:

Some of the players participated in some team bonding at the beach:

Preseason News:

Everton Ladies have not announced their preseason schedule yet but Liverpool Ladies have and, lucky for us, we have ourselves a practice derby coming up on July 24th at home! Woo hoo!

The Blues will also be playing Aston Villa behind closed doors at some point in the preseason.

Time is moving fast! The FAWSL 2018-2019 season begins on August 18th with Continental Tyres Cup games and then regular season games beginning on September 8th.

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